New Drum Deck Upgrade For Kansas City Chiefs Is Probably Racist?!?!

The team using a pow-wow drum has always been one of their more the tone-deaf practices but today serves as another tease for fanboys. Take a look:

Chiefs introduce "Drum Deck" for pregame ritual

Arrowhead Stadium is getting a very noticeable upgrade, according to the Kansas City Chiefs' official Twitter account. In addition to brand new seating and a fresh scoreboard coming to the upper deck this fall, Arrowhead Stadium will add something the team is calling a "Drum Deck," which will enhance the pregame drum ritual that formerly took place on the field.


  1. Byron Funkhouser6/20/19, 3:45 PM

    Is there no end to their insults?

    I hope they go 0-16.

  2. They will win a super bowl. F U byron.


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