In a lot of different ways, Quinton Lucas winning the mayoral contest serves as a setback for activists who want to change the name back to The Paseo. The new, very likable mayor campaigning for MLK BLVD will certainly detract from their cause. And so, here's a great deal of grousing for a return to the not so glorious past in our 2nd favorite JoCo magazine . . . Checkit:

Here's how readers reacted to the battle over renaming The Paseo for Martin Luther King

Sides of the street Our June issue included a feature about the contentious fight over the renaming of the historic Paseo, Kansas City's oldest boulevard, for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The renaming was approved by the city council at the request of a group of black clergymen without following the city's specified protocol.


  1. There are other ways to honor MLK than changing street signs. In a city known for its fountains, why not rename a fountain or build a new one. Paseo runs by several parks and one lake so the land is available.

  2. I would like to see the black clergy get behind something that will actually help black people such as addressing poverty, lack of good paying jobs, and tackling the trash and blight in the urban core neighborhoods. Instead they have pushed the MLK name change through which does not really have any economic impact on the people. Why not fight for something of real value to the people instead of the symbolic crumbs.

    1. The Black clergy arent interested in helping Black people. They are interested in the Creflo Dollar jets and being seen for something they are not...leaders. So, what you propose will never happen. They are more interested judging you than helping you.


  3. MLK Blvd has made things worse, and to think everyone has to pay the King family every year for the use of Mlk's name that was pushed through without a vote!

    Pay up KC. This year you have astronomical tax increase, Go Bond and payment to the King family that doesn't even benefit your state let alone city!

  4. Byron Funkhouser6/27/19, 10:11 AM

    9:15, that's a false choice. Why do you say "instead", instead of "in addition to"?

    I'm really sure they are waiting for a white man to tell them what to do.

  5. Keep the Paseo. The people will vote for it!

  6. The original version of the bill included a dual name of the street as a compromise to get some of the council members on board so the ordinance would pass. This was an idea of the great E. Clever who with his Baptist ministers had his hands all over this. The name was going to be Martin Luther King/Paseo Blvd.
    The dual name compromise gained support and when the bill went back to the committee of sponsors who were guess who (THE 3RD DISTRICT COUNCIL MEMBERS) the Paseo from the name. Typically CLEVER then lobbied for the passage of the modified ordinance which gained enough support to pass.

  7. The MLK/Paseo name change was a sneaky trick to gain support for the bill by council members who were on the fence. Then at the last minute the removal of the Paseo from the compromise was a trick of Clever and our wonderful 3rd district member, Jermaine Reed.
    BTW: Did you know that Reed has a Masters from UMKC???

  8. ^^Blah blah blah.....and here you are running your mouth.

  9. "9:15, that's a false choice. Why do you say "instead", instead of "in addition to"?"

    Because he meant instead and did not mean in addition to.

    It is also not an example of the false choice fallacy. Look it up.

  10. My

  11. Sorry/not sorry, it will always be the Paseo. Put up as many street signs as you want, still the Paseo. They tried to rename the Grandview Triangle...still The Grandview Triangle people.

  12. Radish has 2 observatiims on this topic, then y’all can attack his mom and call him a geezer or a fag or whatever.

    1. Some places still have “the paseo” e.g. saw at 39th street. One of those high dollar illuminated street signs.
    2. The new signs have scrunched letters that are kind of hard to read in order to fit all those words in.

    Ok actually 3 observations. I would be against the name change except for the fact that it’s already kind of a done deal it seems like.

    Sorry 4th observation: would’ve better honored dr king to clean up his namesake park, throw some money at that instead. Or how about those endless wars we love to start ... what would dr king say about that??? He was a big time anti Vietnam war guy and he was 100% right that war was total bullshit and everyone knew it eventually.



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