Thursday, June 06, 2019

Missouri Sen. Hawley Hates The Internets???

Actually, more than any other politico in D.C. right now, he's working to impose standards on digital media outlets. This may or may not be a good thing given that beltway measures "for the children" often lead to greater censorship and corporate suppression of creators overall. Here's his latest effort:

Hawley Seeks To Bar YouTube From Recommending Videos Featuring Minors

Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley is taking aim at YouTube after The New York Times reported it was recommending videos of minors to users who watch sexually suggestive content. The GOP senator wants to ban video-sharing services like YouTube from queuing up videos of minors to users - which he said would "place children's safety over profits and pedophiles."


Anonymous said...

It is a little weird what YouTube allows and then all of a sudden won't. If full of some rather nasty stuff and people handing out tips on how to do things that go way beyond just being wrong and dangerous suggestions. Maybe when some of those who show how you should do it gets someone killed and a few sued the stupid wrong suggestion crap will stop. A guy came into the shop the other day to get his car worked on and I popped the hood and first thing I noticed was where he had ran a self drilling screw into the positive battery cable to get a power point for his LED light bar he had mounted on the front grill protector. He thought it was a neat trick and had seen it on YouTube. Oh well those idiots like that maybe give me more business if they don't blow themselves up first.

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An Empty Suit in search of an Issue?

Anonymous said...

Congrats on choosing a bi-coastal snot-nosed elite twerp that has no plans to ever live in flyover Missouri again as your "conservative" champion. Unlike the nasty old hag, at least he has a penis (well maybe, I guess someday he will be a real boy).