Despite the misdirection of politicos, abortion is overwhelmingly opposed by Missouri voters and most reasonable people understand the elective procedure used as a means of birth control is one of the most horrific acts that humans commit.

Accordingly, here's Missouri taking a hardline whilst many hacks believe this is a healthcare issue and not simply a political struggle.


Missouri Denies St. Louis Planned Parenthood Clinic License To Perform Abortions


"The only abortion provider in Missouri has lost its license but the clinic’s future remains unclear as a court hearing is underway in St. Louis Friday morning. Citing patient safety concerns, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services on Friday declined to renew a Planned Parenthood clinic’s license to perform abortions in St. Louis. Officials said some abortions were not performed properly and failed."

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  1. Good shut them down.

    Oh and fuck you Byron because I know you will post some lame ass womens choice thing.

  2. With the rampant breeding of idiots in this state this could be a problem.

  3. Byron Funkhouser6/21/19, 11:53 AM

    "...most horrific acts that humans commit."

    NO, it isn't.

    11:40 if you become pregnant, you can choose to have an abortion, because abortion is legal in America.

    Of course, you're a man ... you have a biological need to tell women what to do.

    Oh, and fuck you, too.

  4. Abortion has helped control the population. The majority of aborted babies would have likely ended up in the prison system if you look at the data on the demographics of women who had abortions. This is about money stupid. We built these prisons to keep them full. Nothing to do with life, women, healthcare etc. It's all about the MONEY!


  6. Abortion is murder.

  7. By the same reasoning, @12:03, a miscarriage is a murder committed by God.

  8. Just shut up bLIEron, none of this pertains to you down in the land of Dixie, or is it frogfarts hollow, I dunno.

  9. 12:06 ... like cancer? accidents? illness? Easy to justify murder isn't it?

    And since you brought God into it... well, God condemns the murder of innocents.

  10. This is why the GOP will be turned out en mass in 2020. 51% of the population creates a hell of a blue wave.

  11. @ 12:15, God condemns the murder of innocents who have been born, taken their first breath, and therefore are inhabited by a Soul!

    Read your Bible!

  12. ^^Your God is not my God. Your God ends with you...don't push it onto others. That's what America is about!

  13. 12:41 is gross.

  14. Obviously Byron cannot find another blog close to home, or anywhere else for that matter, who will allow him to espouse his nonsense, so he has to assuage his ego clear back in KC. Sad.

  15. Mark told me so.6/21/19, 3:53 PM

    ^^^^^He has been banned from all the local blogs they have to live by him and they know what a freaking retard psycho he is.

  16. With the possible exception of Alabama, no recently passed state anti-abortion law entirely prohibits abortions. They only require that the abortion be performed weeks, not months, into the pregnancy. Asking a woman to make the decision early not late is not a ban.

  17. There was a young girl who begat
    Three babies named Nat, Pat and Tat.
    T'was fun in the breeding
    But hell in the feeding
    For there was no tit for Tat.

  18. What if planned parenthood just gave up on providing abortion in Mo. they have clinics on Illinois side and Kansas side. They could have volunteers help transport women to get an abortion at one of those clinics. It would be a huge blue balls disappointing buzz kill to the raging pro lifers in Mo who hate them ... at some point we all say “f*** it” and maybe they should too.


  19. Traffic light followed by fire hydrant6/21/19, 5:36 PM

    Planned Parenthood is a murderous outfit.

  20. I used to be against abortion on principle. Roe v. Wade will never be overturned. I hate to say this, but 100 per cent of abortions prevent people who should otherwise not reproduce from inflicting their horrible action on decent people. I am now pro choice!

  21. 12:37...people who should not otherwise reproduce? Thank you Hitler. Enjoy Hell.


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