Missouri Loves 'Merica More Than Kansas?!?

A junk news item that reinforces MSM perception of flyover country political life . . . IS THE BLUE WAVE LADY POLITICAL REVOLUTION IN JOCO LESS PATRIOTIC than voters accepting the status quo in Missouri?!?!?

Certainly, Missouri isn't without protesters who buck the system as urban centers in both states contradict stereotypical conceptions of Heartland pride. Read more:

Missouri much more patriotic than Kansas, study says

FAIRWAY, KS (KCTV) -- According to a new study, one side of the metro is more patriotic than the other. In a landslide, Missouri loves America more than Kansas, WalletHub says. The study names the "most patriotic states" in 2019, and Kansas ranked in the bottom half at 33rd.


  1. Patriotism: Killing young men since 1776!

  2. Trump 2020 God Bless The USA

  3. Explains why MO ranks 45th in attracting so called well to do millennial's to move to the area.

  4. There did not need to be a study on this. It was evident that KS had turned to be unpatriotic when it elected Gov Kelly and Rep Sharice Davis. The Democrat party agenda is all about being unpatriotic. All the elected Dem officials are trying to out-unpatriot each other. Open borders, free healthcare, attempting to make tax payers pay student debt, ignoring laws, loving Trudeau more than Trump, protecting illegals, and more.

    KS needs to get right again.

  5. Byron Funkhouser6/24/19, 11:14 AM

    I wonder how they came this subjective conclusion.

    How do you measure patriotism to determine who's more patriotic.

    West Virginia has the highest number of veterans per capita of any state in the union. Is it because West Virginia's are more patriotic than all of the other states? NO. It's because West Virginia is poorer than all of the other states & the military is seen as a career opportunity, & escape from poverty. I even tried it myself & I am not patriotic. I tend to agree with 10:31. Dying for rich people, who have bone spurs, isn't any one's idea of patriotism, & watching a draft dodger raunch the American Flag is only nauseating.

  6. Byron Funkhouser6/24/19, 11:18 AM

    11:08 doesn't understand what patriotism is either, his dictator is a draft dodger who pretends to be a patriot.

  7. 11:18: ELECTED dictator.


  9. Byron proves that Trump is the best President in many years. If Byron hates something it's because it is or they are good both of which he has neither of.

    Byron hates anything that's better than he is.

  10. ^^and you're boring as shit.

  11. Trump is great, he hugs the flag. Case closed.


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