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Because we're curious about a great many subjects, here's a review of some of the top news links from across Missouri & Kansas. We scissor out the fluff and focus on embracing the hard news. Take a look:

Bi-State Fight Preview

What's next for USDA's relocation to KC? Office sites, employee notification & more - Kansas City Business Journal

The GSA has opened a portal for those working with potential building sites where they will be able to submit applications from July 1-7 to be considered for the relocated offices. Separately, USDA employees have been given 30 days to make a decision on whether they will relocate to the future Kansas City offices.

Show-Me Sancho Guv Legacy

Kim Gardner Can't Escape the Shadow of Greitens' Investigation

click to enlarge The decision to prosecute Missouri Governor Eric Greitens will likely go down as the defining moment of Kim Gardner's career, and certainly the most dramatic. That decision, which involved a felony complaint sworn by her office in February 2018, has now thrust the St.

Kansas Fights For Faith

Kansas A.G. Derek Schmidt: Cross shouldn't be deleted from public square

Attorney General Derek Schmidt said the decision Thursday by the U.S. Supreme Court upholding constitutionality of preserving a 40-foot cross in a Maryland state park reinforced reasonable recognition of religious symbolism in the public square.The Supreme Court rejected the constitutional challenge to the cross displayed on public property in Bladenburg, Md.

Show-Me Tragic NextGen Stats

Kids In Missouri Are Losing Health Insurance At The Second Highest Rate In The Nation

In Missouri, children's enrollment in Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program fell nearly 10% over the last 14 months - the second biggest decline of any state after Idaho, according to a new report.


Sen. Hawley's "Bias" Bill Would Let the Government Decide Who Speaks

Despite its name, Sen. Josh Hawley's Ending Support for Internet Censorship Act (PDF) would make the Internet less safe for free expression, not more. It would violate the First Amendment by allowing a government agency to strip platforms of legal protection based on their decisions to host or...

Kansas Saves College Students

Kansas Regents Zero Out Tuition Hikes for In-State Undergrads

The Kansas Board of Regents pressured state university officials to rethink hiking tuition, and the schools did just that. In-state tuition for undergraduates at all state campuses will be flat or reduced after the regents approved revised rates Wednesday. Though some graduate and out-of-state students will see modest tuition increases.

Pride Creeper Suspect Revealed

Sex Offender Threatened to 'Kill Every Gay Person I Can' at Pride Fest

click to enlarge MISSOURI DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS A man accused of threatening to commit a mass shooting at the Pride St. Louis festivities is a sex offender with a long criminal record. Edward Terry, 49, was arrested yesterday and charged with making a terrorist threat.


Looming deadline for the fate of Missouri's lone abortion clinic

The ongoing legal battle over the last abortion clinic in Missouri is reaching a looming deadline this week. Add Abortion Rights as an interest to stay up to date on the latest Abortion Rights news, video, and analysis from ABC News.

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  1. "employees have been given 30 days to make a decision on whether they will relocate to the future Kansas City offices"

    Talk about being fucked over this one takes the grand prize.

  2. Wherever the office is located, the employees with any sense at all and certainly with any school age children will locate in Johnson County.
    Then, if the office is in KCMO, they'll be really unhappy about the earnings tax unless they're made whole with a 1% raise by the feds.
    And why would "incentives" be offered to one level of government by another?
    All out of the pockets of the same taxpayers.
    Likely only the most senior people at the agency will even consider this.
    Lots of lost expertise and institutional memory.

  3. Byron Funkhouser6/21/19, 11:22 AM

    Planned Parenthood will sue & win because Missouri can't make abortion illegal in Missouri when abortion is legal in America, & by refusing to renew their license everyone can see that that is exactly what Missouri is attempting to do here.

  4. ^^^STFU you baby killer

  5. We need more hot bi women kissing pics!

  6. I’m surprised it took this long to call out Kim Gardner’s bullshit, this was purely a witch hunt and revenge case for greitens censuring that dumb loud mouth black biotch that wanted the President murdered. It’s about time too, those people in shitty Louis have been out of control for far too long.

  7. ^^and you've been a shitty human all your miserable life.

  8. Is anyone investigating the actions of the "Special Prosecutor" now that it has come out that he was a former partner of Greiten's Defense Attorney?

    Ordo "conflicts of interest" no longer matter in Missouri Law?


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