Thursday, June 06, 2019

Missouri Constitution Seyz NO VOTER REFERENDUMS On Abortion Ban

The Democratic Party effort to flip this legislation is dead on arrival . . .

"Republican Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft cited a provision in the constitution that prohibits referendums on "laws necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health or safety." The law's emergency clause states that enacting the parental-consent portion is vital "because of the need to protect the health and safety of women and their children, both unborn and born."

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Ashcroft Rejects Referendums Aimed At Overturning New Abortion Ban

Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft rejected bids to place a newly-signed abortion ban up for a statewide vote in 2020, citing the fact that a provision in the measure goes into effect right away. At least one group seeking to overturn the eight-week ban is pledging to go to court against the GOP statewide official's action.


Anonymous said...

Ashcroft is a theocrat like his father. Totally anti-American. He'd fit right in in Tehran.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry it will be repealed anyway.

Anonymous said...


....that Liberals want to allow illegal aliens to continue flooding across our border because everyone deserves the right to a better life.

....but at the same time, they're perfectly fine with killing about 1 million Americans via abortion each year.
[U.S. women of reproductive age (15–44)-- Guttmacher]

Anonymous said...


@ 3:29 YES It's a mental illness and doctors have even said liberals are unstable and don't make any sense. They call evil good and good evil. Take a look at Barack Obama now that's a wack job!

Anonymous said...

Hmm well it's an interesting interpretation of that provision of state Constitution and will be popular among the hard core pro lifers but will be very unpopular among middle of the road types (& obviously by pro choicers, duh) and could be portrayed as anti democratic-small d- to go against a referendum to go against the will of the people, when his sec'y of state job is supposed to be more perfunctory as in "oh this application is in proper form" and count the signatures and make sure they are registered voters etc.


Anonymous said...

Abortion is not killing a million Americans each year. A fetus doesn't not have a nationality.

If it did, every pregnant "illegal" border crosser here would be carrying an unborn American anchor baby with citizenship rights.

It's not a baby or a citizen with personhood rights until birth.

Anonymous said...

Please give us more photos of ugly tatooed women. The thought that they might procreate will turn the tide in favor of abortion on demand (our demand, not theirs).

Anonymous said...

If this issue were to be put to a public vote, I predict the vote would overwhelmingly be in support of keeping abortion legal. Hence, it will never be put to a public vote. Kinda weird huh, white guys who represent a handful of rubes out in the sticks wield a lot of power over the majority.