Missouri Auditor Galloway: Last Hope For Missouri Democratic Party?!?!

She's a streetcar hater and even has a few fans among KCMO Conservatives . . . She's also better looking than the Guv and the rest of her competition.

Take a look:

STL Post-Dispatch: Missouri Auditor Nicole Galloway 'very serious' about running for governor next year

KMBC: The 37-year-old Galloway, a Democrat, narrowly won a four-year term as auditor in November after being appointed to the post in 2015. She would be the first woman elected governor in Missouri.

Developing . . .


  1. Byron Funkhouser6/26/19, 3:50 PM

    Sometimes, I think that you all hate women even more than you hate blacks. Backward states like Missouri, & West Virginia, may never have a woman governor. She is qualified, but so was Hillary. I hope she run, & I hope she wins.

    1. You're a well-known idiot, but saying Hillary was qualified to do anything but peddle influence and be the darling of Wall Street is bad even for you.

  2. ^^^^^Fuck Off asshole has nothing to do with you

  3. Just keep in mind that Democratic candidates, especially those running state-wide, will have to count on the fantastic leadership, organizational, and management skills of their state chair, Jean Peters-Baker, to take them over the finish line.
    Anybody signing up?

  4. Galoway is unbelievably naïve about the corruption that goes on in local government. She will be lucky to get re-elected Auditor.
    Corrupt Nixon appointed her and she is already tainted by her co-operation with the Clay County crooked developer scam.

  5. Does Nicole put out on the side?

  6. Byron, are there not issues needing your wonderful commentary where you live? Don't those locals wish to listen to your opinions? Why do you feel the need to comment on KC doings? Oh, I see, they won't pay any attention to you.

  7. @ 7:14 you are full of it!
    Galloway was ELECTED in 2016! For Four Years!

    Of course her chances weren't hurt by the fact that the GOP nominated an opponent to run against her who hadn't lived in the State long enough to run for any State Office and who completely lacked any Educational Qualifications for the Office of State Auditor (but I understand she had some really, really "close friends" among the men running the Republican Party in Missouri).

    If you feel Ms. Galloway shouldn't be the Auditor, talk to your GOP Bosses, and have them run a qualified opponent next time.

    And what "Clay County crooked developer scam" are you talking about?
    The developers who own Ridgeway?
    The developers that dumbass Owen is currently in trouble over?
    Or you the one who keeps tossing around BS because some developers gave Nolte a contribution ten years ago?

  8. The last time we elected a publicity hound auditor it didn't work out so well. Turns out they're good at criticizing others (while getting their photos in the newspaper) but really bad at getting stuff done. Same thing all over again?

  9. Wasn't that Claire's path to the senate?

  10. 4:24 - So basically like Trump then?


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