Military-Industrial Complex Responsible For UFO Hysteria In Kansas City?!?!

The blame game on this mostly worthless story continues given that the drama has mostly served as worthwhile clickbait for "news" organizations across the world. Read more:

Blame the U.S. Military for Those UFOs That Had Kansas City All Freaked Out

When two unidentified white dots appeared in the bright blue Kansas City skies Thursday evening, some residents were preparing for first contact. "We honestly have no explanation for the floating objects over Kansas City," the National Weather Service in Kansas City tweeted out in response to numerous calls and tweets about the anomalies, fueling speculation of what exactly people were seeing.


  1. I just spent 30 seconds reviewing what was in the sky Thursday evening. Traveling east to west over Lathrop and Dearborn was a helium balloon call sign HBL291 at 80,000 feet. Can the weather guys not see that on their screens? Geez...

  2. Byron Funkhouser6/22/19, 4:11 PM

    People believe in all kinds of nonsense that isn't true. Here's a short list, in no particular order:

    God, angels, demons, spirits, ghosts, big foot, 9-11 conspiracies, anti-vax conspiracies, moon landing conspiracies, aliens, the flat earth, the hollow earth, time travel, Jewish conspiracies, Muslim conspiracies, the Bible, the Koran, tarot, astrology, global warming is a hoax, Jesus will return, rich people (they stole a lot of money, so they must be smart), sexual identity is only, & always, binary, gays & transgenders are mentally ill, white supremacy, God gave the white man America, Manifest Destiny, poverty is a self-inflicted character defect, the American Dream, souls, Jesus was born on Saturnalia, palm leaves fall of in the spring, the Jews are ChristKillers, slavery is freedom, war is peace, American Exceptionalism, United Nations conspiracies, gay conversion therapy, the First Amendment applies to everyone & everything, not just Congress as written, the Second Amendment is about unregulated individuals, & not well regulated militias, as written, MAGA, ...

    All of these beliefs constitute a deliberate failure of education, because Americans don't really want their children to be educated beyond knowing how to count money.

    1. This, right here, is by far your worst comment ever made. Fuck all your comments about liberalism. You literally just made a giant ad homimem attack. You lumped different groups of people into one extremely myopic view. Literal cringe.


  3. Maybe the space aliens will come and fix our potholes!

  4. ^^^
    Actually the aliens were coming back to pick Sly back up and take him home.
    But when they saw the mess he'd made they changed their minds.
    So now KCMO is stuck with feeding him and keeping that good Scotch coming.

  5. We are the aliens. We killed off the native neandrathal long ago

  6. ^^^No one knows why the Neandertals died out. If you have special knowledge that they were killed off by homo sapiens, set out your evidence. Paleo historians will be ever so grateful for your eruditiom.

    Besides, Neanderthal DNA lives in all of us whose ancestors left Africa and occupied the rest of the world. Only ancestral Africans are unrelated.

  7. Funkhouser, you suffer from not believing in ANYTHING. There is a spiritual world that if you educate yourself in the manner that colleges and high schools do not, you may discover the truth. But, it appears you don't believe in the concept of truth or proof. That is called "post- modernism." Good luck with that. By the way , I don't believe in about half the things on your list.


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