Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Mike Zarda Well-Remembered

A local legend that deserves continued high praise, here's one of the best tributes we could find and kind of a nice tribute to a local life well-lived. Read more:

Zarda Bar-B-Q co-founder remembered

Mike Zarda, co-founder of the iconic Kansas City restaurant, passed away on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

I always thought the Zardas were from Shawnee Kansas. Great ribs dude, RIP.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^They were. Big diary family

Super Dave said...

There were two different Zarda families 7:21 & & 7:37. While both started out as diary people it was the Shawnee family that stayed in the diary business till late 1979 or maybe 78 if I remember correctly. Back in the day we called them either the Missouri Zardas or the Kansas Zardas. Not sure about the BBQ Zardas but the Dairy Zardas were a very devoted Catholic family and huge supporter of the St Joseph Catholic Church in Shawnee over the years and ventured out into many other business areas after selling the diary operation. As Joe Zarda told me once owning a bar was more fun that dealing with a bunch of cows. The bar later burned down and I remember Joe walking up to me as his bar was still smoldering in ruins saying he's would have bought me a beer if I had came by just a little bit earlier. He was the clown of the family for sure.

Anonymous said...

^^Wow. Thanks for that. Not relevant whatsoever, but none the less just some cutting edge insight that we can't get elsewhere. I mean crack reporting dude. Crack. I don't get why everyone says you're such a rambling, incoherent, semi-literate, retard. Cracker-jack reporting like this is just the best. The absolute best. We need more of much more. Your personal stories of always being everywhere and knowing everybody and always having a comment for every post is terrific. Tom terrific! Keep it up dave keep it up.

Anonymous said...


Dear friends,

Please join me in remembering a great icon of the local barbecue community. Mike Zarda died Sunday from smoke inhalation and complications resulting from a smoldering overnight fire. He was 72.

Zarda was buried in a well-seasoned hickory coffin. Dozens of BBQ experts turned out to pay their respects, including Jack Stack, Ollie Gates, Joe KC, the Plow Boys, BB and LC, Danny Edwards, and Rose Dale. The grave site was kept hot and smokey and those who ventured too close were treated to a Burnt End. Clergy delivered the eulogy and a family friend gave the final roast, describing Zarda as a man who loved to Rib others. Following the service, attendees enjoyed a Meat and greet with family and employees.

Zarda worked his way up in the barbecue business, proud that an Average Joe could work hard and make a name for himself and his family. As a young man he described himself as sometimes being Hog Wild or too Chicken to take risks, but experience makes the Pit Master. Zarda was a protective father-figure to many employees over the years, stating that life wasn't worth a hill of Beans without family and friends in your life. Despite being a Cheesy Corn-ball at times, he will be remembered as a positive role model for all who had the pleasure of meeting him.

Anonymous said...

9:31, if you wasn't such a loser you would not only know people but have friends as well.

I grew up in Shawnee and everyone almost knew the Zarda family in some way or another.