Saturday, June 29, 2019

Midtown Kansas City 'Buddies' Last Call

Postscript on this beloved dive bar that was never a place where social justice was championed but, instead, served as a hangout for a tight-nit community of drinkers from both gay, straight, trans and outsider communities. Read more:

Buddies gay bar in Midtown apparently closes after owner's death in April house explosion

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A well known Midtown bar has apparently closed after the tragic death of its owner this spring. Melvin 'Lee" Mecker died in April in a house explosion near E 15th Terrace and Fremont Avenue. Now, the popular bar Mecker owned has apparently closed.


Charlie Horse said...

Did that place used to be the Windjammer?

Anonymous said...

the gerbil population will drop for sure with no place to go.

Not Anders Brevik said...

No wonder Byron has been so pissy lately !