Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Mexican Connection: Show-Me Bad Hombre Firing At Missouri State Troopers

For many Conservatives, repeated instance of violence important from South of the Border illustrate why immigration control is important. Read more:

Man who shot at Missouri trooper, 2 other drivers identified as Mexican national

CAMERON, Mo. (AP) - The Missouri State Highway Patrol says a man who shot at a trooper and two people in other vehicles along an interstate died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The St. Joseph News-Press reports the patrol identified the man who died after the shootings on Friday as 26-year-old Julian Santiago-Cruz of Guadalupe Nuevo Leon, Mexico.


Anonymous said...

Ya we dont need a wall, the Demon-crates look at this situation like: we win some we lose some, but we will work hard to blame this on someone else.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Hate to say it but the guy has a point.

Anonymous said...

^^^Sure, a wall would've solved this one. Right. This isn't the stone ages dimwits.