Thursday, June 06, 2019

Meet The Kansas City World Cup Team

Quick but worthwhile Q&A from a local dude who wants Kansas City to shell out MILLIONS to sketchy global soccer characters. Take a peek:

Get to know the man working to bring the World Cup to KC

For eleven years, David Ficklin was the Vice President of Development for Sporting Kansas City. Now, the Executive Director of KC's 2026 World Cup Bid.


Anonymous said...

Soccer is a game for faggots and shithole third world countries

Anonymous said...

^^^Says the closeted faggot living in a shithole sate. Rich, real rich.

Anonymous said...

The piece of shit human filth 1:09 is just another one of

Kool-Aid Drinking

Anonymous said...

Will never happen.

Anonymous said...

1:09 you are dumb. Soccer is very fun to play. It’s not for lazy fat asses, or the drunk retards at arrowhead.

As for the WORLD cup coming to KC that’s a pipe dream. Out of alllll the cities in the world why would they pick KC? The street car? 18th and crime? Potholes?

Anonymous said...

I guess it's more fun to play than to watch.

Radish used to pretend to be younger by pretending to like soccer. Even had a Manchester United jersey LOL. But turning forty is liberating bc you get to finally quit pretending to like things that are pointless and boring. Like jazz and soccer.

Oh a nothing-nothing tie? You don't say! And guys flopping all over the field trying to get a yellow card? And no use of hands except squirrely throw ins, and the goalie, just to make sure there's no offense at all. Oh and the clock doesn't really tell you when the game is over haha there's a couple minutes left and you don't know when.

Martini crowd in the good seats watching humanity struggle from afar said...

No doubt Ficklin is lubing some kind of giant payoff no one else will ever enjoy in their entire lifetimes.

Anonymous said...

I totally hope the world cup does come to KC but soccer really is for faggots