Mayor-Elect Quinton Lucas Supports The Freebie Kansas City Bus Ride Scheme

Respecting the fact that NOTHING has ever happened in the history of humankind for "free" and this power move has to be financially supported by SOMEBODY. And that almost always means Homeowners in one say or another.

Mayor-elect backs plan for free bus service

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- What if you could catch a free ride to places across Kansas City? That's the idea behind a plan to make bus service free for riders. Kansas City's next mayor is on board with the idea. The Kansas City streetcar is free, but a day pass for the bus costs $3.


  1. We already have free Bus Rides, if you and the Driver both are Black.

  2. Truly democratic, more free stuff. The OTHERS can pay for it.

  3. A sure sign the crooks and lairs in the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority are officially pulling Sly Lucas's strings already.

  4. "Kansas City streetcar is free"

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  5. ^and yet it is. Weird.

    1. And yet it actually costs millions. SO weird!!!

  6. All the above except dumb shit 7:51. He's up early today.

  7. Free bus rides will help penniless criminals and the roaming mentally ill get to and from the locations of their planned crimes and the best panhandling sites in the city. It should be a great environment for all the hard-working normal people riding the bus.

  8. Free public transportation is a success in any number of places, and KC can be one. It is a boon to the environment, too.

    Of course, public transportation costs money -- as do streets and streetlights -- especially in our newer suburbs with quarter-acre lots. But the benefits in "fareless" transportation would be immense by making it easier (or even possible) for those working at low-paying jobs to reach work, take children to day-care, get to the food store, visit a library or even an entertainment venue. $3 per day works out to @ HALF of an hour's net pay for a minimum-wager.

    The City has wasted money on an unneeded Convention Hotel
    (likely to be half empty most of the time) and suburban Astroturf soccer fields (for kids being dropped off from BMWs.) For those of limited means, public transportation is a necessity -- because they don't have BMWs.

  9. ^^^I have ridden buses in quite a few American cities and have had to pay a fare each time. Which ones are the "any number of places" where there is free public transportation?

    Carjacking aside, of course.

  10. 4:03, I can think of the trolley in NOLA and the cable cars in SFO. But both of those are used by tourists much more than by residents.


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