Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Leawood Dood Teaches Life Lessons

Found by the BEST & BRIGHTEST among our blog community as we continue to search for knowledge and share the hard fought wisdom of a suburbanite dude and his struggles opening mayonnaise jars. ON the bright side, we never would have heard of Leawood Lifestyle magazine without this link. Consider it a shopping guide for when society inevitably collapses. Checkit:

Lessons in Life:

Marc Erickson is a busy father of three kids, lawyer and managing partner at Wagstaff & Cartmell, LLP, and an avid lover of running and staying active. Marc and his family enjoy running, camping, hiking, skiing and watersports. What do you do to stay active and healthy?


Anonymous said...

"The only exercise I get is acting as a Pallbearer for my friends who exercise."
Red Skelton

Anonymous said...

Bro is living that Leawood lifestyle....yeah boi.

Anonymous said...

Tiresome praise. Who gives a shit? Time for a nap.