Kevin Kietzman Apologizes To Coach Reid

Following a national firestorm, overwhelming push back from Kansas City sports fans and indefinite suspension from his station . . .

Here's the apology for those who haven't heard it already . . .

Written Transcript:

KK: “I am sincerely apologizing to Andy Reid and his entire family for my comments yesterday,” Kietzman said. “What I said has been interpreted by many as hurtful, insensitive and cold. And hearing from listeners and re-listening to what I said, I can understand why.

“I can barely find the words to even say out loud what some people believed I was trying to convey. I never mentioned, and would never ever suggest, that Coach Reid was at fault for his son’s tragic death. Or that any parent would be at fault for such an unspeakable tragedy. As a father myself, I cannot image the pain of burying a child. Please know that this was not my intention. It was not even on my mind when I made the comments that I did. And if Coach Reid or any listener interpreted it that way, I again apologize.

“My beliefs on the team’s personnel history are absolutely trivial when compared to actually hurting somebody with my poorly chosen words. I am deeply sorry that I offended so many people, mostly I’m sorry if I hurt Coach Reid, a man I respect greatly. He deserves better than to have something like this happen that brings up terrible memories.

“I have spent a great deal of time and resources over the past several years working with organizations trying to curb the epidemic of teen suicide. I personally know several parents that have lost a child to suicide or heartbreaking accidents. Losing a child will always be my worst nightmare and I feel truly blessed everyday that one of my own children survived a horrible car accident.

“The absolute worst thing I could ever say on the air would be to blame a fellow parent for a tragedy they could not possibly prevent. People who know me, know this. They know my heart. For those that do not, I can’t change what you think of me today, but I can again say that I’m sorry for my comments and pledge to be more considerate when choosing my words going forward.

“This is on me, I’m paid as a broadcaster to be concise in what I say. My words on Monday’s show left open way too many interpretations and I’m the only person responsible for that and the only person to blame. I’ll learn from this mistake and I’ll work hard to do better and I hope to one day regain the trust of Coach Reid and the Chiefs organization.

“I tried to contact Coach Reid earlier this morning to speak with him father to father and personally apologize for any pain I may have caused him or his family. I’m told he’s unavailable today and I understand. I hope he will accept my apology, but I understand if I’m not completely forgiven.

“I hope to be back soon and I thank my friends, family, listeners, sponsors, co-workers and partners that have reached out to support me today.”

You decide . . .


  1. Good for Kevin for the apology and taking personal responsibility for his words and now action. I wish him the best and hope Coach Reid accepts his sincere apology and they can move forward together and put this behind them.

  2. He's only apologizing in a desperate attempt to save his career.

  3. Bout dang time!6/25/19, 6:09 PM

    Aww, s'all good now, y'all. Kietzman set his false pride down, and did the right thing with that public apology. A direct and sincere mea culpa was due Reid, and a pledge by Kietzman to donate AND fund raise for a suitable charity SAYS MORE THAN A QUICK APOLOGY.

  4. How many times has he had to apologize? Guy is ALWAYS putting his foot in his mouth.

  5. He did as told. Let's move on.

  6. ^^^^ Not really, it was more of a half apology with a ton of qualifiers.

  7. What a great apology. He still doesn't belong on air and should retire. He obviously can't hack it anymore and doesn't seem to know what he's saying half the time. We need new talkers in this town anyway.

  8. When you talk all the time making a living you sooner or later will say something not quite right. So what ?

  9. Whats this soap opera about? I don't follow bullshit.

  10. ^^^and yet you’re here. Weird.

  11. Translation - I was forced to apologize by the radio station. I have such a huge ego I can't admit I was wrong and besides it's the listeners fault for misinterpreting what I said.

  12. What a half-assed, half-apology. Kevin knew EXACTLY what he was saying. It was a personal dig on the Coach. If not, what "family" failure was Kevin referencing? Oh, yeah. There isn't any known family issue outside of his son's death.

    You still banging that no longer hot secretary you cheated on your wife for? You failed as a husband AND father you fucking hypocrite.

  13. And so many don't understand the point he was originally making. Its a shame that sports have moved over into the political realm, but he was not the one that moved them there. Its the same folks that are attacking him now that have made it political. Reid has learned over the years to become more and more of a traditional leader while balancing talent vs trouble. The real trouble is that Andy's math is behind that of the Pats who establish a formula that trumps absolute character over the perceived upside of talented discipline problems. Stop and think about the last play of the 2013 playoff game vs the Colts. Alex Smith makes a perfect pass to Dwayne Bowe. 85% of the. WRs in the NFL would have made that catch and gone dead from the waste down to stay in bounds. Bowe, never thinking about what must be done- but only caring about looking like he tried- takes a full step as though he had 2 yrs of room. Gronk or Edelman would have gone waste dead even with 2 yrs just to make sure it was a completion. It is these tiny bits of discipline that are magnified in losses but looked over among the winners. Remember, its what you are supposed to do that never gets recognized. Andy is a good coach, but he keeps hitchin his wagon to the wrong stars.

  14. @7:07 Truth be told she's not hot.

  15. Kietzman is now being treated the same way he treated Tyreek Hill.

  16. See it for what it is, publicity stunt.
    Cant draw listeners in by having a quality show, say something stupid.
    Now you're being talked about in print across the nation , radio and tv.

  17. I hate that guy anyway. If you ever met him in person then you know he's a jerk.


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