KCPS Tax Life Lesson Unanswered

The public TV "magazine" posted what might be the most misleading article regarding local taxes we've seen since the start of Mayor Sly's tenure.

The question is simple:

“(What is) the amount of untaxed real estate property in the KC Public School District. If taxed, how would the district benefit?”

TKC Answer: HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS give or take a failed retail outlet or two. Proof: Staubio is in his 30's but actually found a way to get TALLER over the past few years thanks to the largess of the downtown taxing districts. To be fair, if KCPS had the money they just would've wasted it on drum circles.

Here's the MSM answer funded in part by taxpayer cash & d-bag viewers like you.

A Decades-Old Tax Question Resurfaces About Kansas City Schools

Earl Fleer is nearly 80 years old now, and he lives about a dozen miles south of his hometown of Hermann, Missouri. But some months back, when he came across an online prompt for our curiousKC reporting initiative, his mind drifted back to his days as a public information officer in the mid-1970s for the Kansas City, Missouri, school district, which is now known as Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS).


  1. Don't know if the KCPSD would be doing any better for the Students, but they sure would be better off financially if neither Kay Barnes or Sly James had been elected Mayor.

    Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to let a City Mayor give away money that belongs to the Schools and Libraries?
    Change the TIF Law to restrict their handouts to the City cash only, that way they may face some accountability.

  2. private schools and churches yeah tax them

  3. ^^^ I say tax all the hood churches double, they’re the ones causing all the problems any way, hell, there’s a freakin church on damn near every block, most of them are houses, they only do this to avoid paying taxes so they can have they Escalades.

  4. I say leave the private schools out of the equation because they are the only ones that actually teach and hold the kids accountable, kcps doesn’t teach the kids anything because that would be racist to expect them to learn anything. Kcps has to wash their damn clothes, drive them to and from, feed them three sqaures a day plus babysit after school so baby momma doesn’t have to lift a finger. F@#k kcps to hell and back.


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