KCMO Northland Soccer Complex Revealed

Deets on this upcoming project that'll cost MILLIONS but provides more amenities and pro-level attractions for this often neglected part of Kansas City. Take a look:

Northland Sports Complex Moves Forward

First off, it you are doing business and are not a member of the Platte County Economic Development Council, you need to be. Follow this link here and see how they can help you. They also have some free data and reports you can peruse this weekend while sitting a...


  1. 59,000 Hotel Room Rentals a year?
    From Soccer Practice Fields?
    Sounds more like the brown stuff left in the pasture after the Horse goes back to the Barn, doesn't it?

  2. Byron Funkhouser6/21/19, 10:59 PM

    ^^They always lie about this kind of shit.


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