Friday, June 21, 2019


The effort to privatize animal control hit a roadblock yesterday and earned extended conversation regarding the inevitable conclusion of a city department. This one is tough given that KC Pet Project still owes BIG MONEY FOR GO BONDS. However, City Hall animal services are antiquated and basically serve as an employment program for the near-hobo relatives of political cronies. Take a look at the latest:

City panel rejects shelter's bid to take over animal control

At a business session Thursday for the Kansas City, Missouri, City Council, a panel made up mostly of city staff rejected KC Pet Project's proposal to take over the Animal Health and Public Safety Division, saying the shelter lacks adequate staffing and experience.


Anonymous said...

How do we lose money in KCMO?

Let us count the ways.

Anonymous said...

Put Democrats in charge

Anonymous said...

^^Or in reality, elect republicans. They are the ones who blow holes in budgets and explode deficits. Brownback, Bush, & Cadet Bonespurs being only the latest examples of that. The more you know!

Anonymous said...

Entertainment districts.
Arts events.
Grocery stores
Street renaming.
Shopping centers.
But not animal shelters.
Seems about right in line with typical KCMO priorities.

Anonymous said...

Kansas City Government stopped being a means of "governing" the City under Kay Barnes and converted itself into nothing more that a conduit for funneling money from the Taxpayers to the Kansas Real Estate Developers (with a little backflow pipe in place, of course).
Funkhouser tried to slow down the theft, but the Developer's Media puppets buried him. James installed a "bigger and better" cash pipeline, and Lucas will probably step that up a notch.