Kansas Rev Promises That Your Dead Doggie Is Waiting For You In Heaven

Linked because it's GOTV weekend and Kansas City residents are desperate to believe in any kind of good news. Take a look:

Kansas preacher says you will reunite with your pets in Heaven

Your pet easily becomes part of the family, but what happens when they pass on? It's a longtime religious debate. The age old question, "Do all dogs go to heaven?" is what Topeka author Gary Kurz decided to answer. After moving to Topeka and then losing his beloved pet dog Samantha, Kurz went to church.


  1. Well, Billy Tammeus says differently. Billy says the only dogs that go to heaven are Muslim dogs.

  2. they only want dogs in heaven so they can fuck 'em.

  3. Only dogs go to heaven domestic cats go to hell and deservedly so.

  4. You will have Muffy in heaven with you. Now, please pass the plate and be generous, I need a new Escalade.


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