Kansas Rep. Sharice Davids Scheduled To Visit Israel With AIPAC This Summer

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) offers the junket for new members of Congress in order to provide "a first-hand, educational experience about the realities in Israel from both Israeli and Palestinian leaders." However the experience has been protested by hardline left-wingers.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, let's never forget that Kansas Congressman Yoder took International heat from prudes for getting naked on his Israeli journey to the Dead Sea. Here at TKC we encourage the Congress lady to do the same and maintain this valuable, friendly tradition. Also, send pix.

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AIPAC's congressional trip to Israel leaves in August. Here's who's going


  1. The only realities of Israel she cares about is how much pussy she can lick over there.

  2. They hate everything about Israel and want them destroyed but they won’t turn down a free trip to go there.

    Dummocraps are lyin, thievin crooks.

  3. I feel certain that the Israelis will be impressed at the caliber of people we elect to represent us.
    Please tell me that someone has written some talking points that she can read if there's ever a chance that she is asked to speak.
    With any luck she'll get lost and be left in Gaza.
    November 2020 can't come soon enough!

  4. These are just free vacations for members of Congress.


  5. Cortez will do anything Omar does! Sharice Davids will side with the terrorists even though it's a fact that the land that the Palestinians claim as their land was swamp land years ago and there are pictures to prove that. After all Sharice Davids is a terrorist too she wants to kill white people and wore a shirt that proves her take on the issue.

    Did you know Islam is illegal in the United States? Public Law 414, Chapter 2, Section 212. That law is in effect today!!!!!!!!

  6. Not Alfred Blumrosen6/15/19, 8:07 AM

    Israel is our misfortune. This illegitimate, apartheid state has controlled US foreign policy for decades now. VA Hospitals and cemeteries are full of men and women who have been wounded and killed fighting Israels' enemies. It is now illegal to criticize Israel or Jews in the state of Florida. Meanwhile, the Jewish Media cries "Russian Collusion ! Russian Collusion !". Meanwhile, our elected officials (Hawley) vote to make it illegal to even boycott Israel. This will end badly, folks.

  7. ^^^You need to start using a better grade of tin foil. The space rays are getting through.

  8. Not Afraid To Think6/15/19, 9:16 AM

    @8:44 Take a couple of slugs of strong whiskey for courage and turn off your TV. The post at 8:07 contains facts. Do you have factual information to counter a single word of it ? Are you so simple that facts disturb you ? Jews have been banished from 109 different countries in 1000 years, but I suppose to suggest these expulsions were even once their fault is a "tin-foil hat conspiracy". You are a child with a childs' capacity for independent thought.

  9. #1 I can’t hate on Sharice for taking a glorious junket.
    #2 thanks for the Yoder skinny dipping reminder!


  10. Overland Park Person6/15/19, 9:22 PM

    I will continue to vote for her!


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