Monday, June 03, 2019

Kansas City West Bottoms Confronts 'WaterWorld' Threat Amid More Rain

The forecast doesn't look good for this developer hot spot and hipster playground. In fact, just like one of the worst movies in cinematic history, the place could be soggy and suffering a tragic narrative by the end of the week. Take a look:

Potential flooding brings concern in the West Bottoms

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As water levels remained in flood stage Monday, businesses in the West Bottoms continued to be concerned about potential flooding in the weeks and months ahead. 41 Action News Skyhawk drone footage showed the Kansas River nearly touching the bottom of a nearby railroad bridge and overtaking parts of the banks during the early afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Might be time for a flood of the west bottoms, historically it wouldnt be the first time, but the west bottoms needs some attention, Its a diamond in the rough! There is a dude that owns a ton of real estate in the Bottons his name is Jim Monahan, if you go to craigslist and search commercial property in the west bottoms you will see who I am talking about, he's actually a good guy, actually a really smart dude. Jim inherited these properties from his mom, he doesnt do much with the properties he owns, he does rent out a few properties to artists in the 1400 block of wyoming, but thats just a slice of what he owns down there, mostly empty historical buildings. We need a fucking flood in the bottoms so old Jim can collect some insurance on the properties he owns and can right them off as a loss so we can bulldose the bottoms and put the next 3,4, and 5 light towers down there, we will build the levey twice as high so flooding will never happen again, and the bottoms will be the new best place to live in Kansa city. There is already a small luxury apartment complex down there, and Golden OX came back, its time to revitalize the west bottoms!! ITs PRIME real Estate!!

Anonymous said...

Move the zoo there

Anonymous said...

Global Cooling is to blame.
Articles back in the 50’s and 60’s confirm this!
The hogwash left-wing-cannabis-THC-pill-popping-Volvo-driving-AOC-worshipping media have made a mockery of science.
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While National Nonsense is up 41.7% this year over last year- it has contributed over 56% to Global Cooling.
Drastic measures must be taken now to avoid more outbursts by the stock-diving media.

Anonymous said...

Yo, biz owner's: have you ever thought about the name of that area? It should really give you pause to think...