Kansas City Weed Mayor: Quinton Lucas

Not terribly important but newspaper marching orders to the Mayor-elect remind him of one of his sillier campaign promises as his one vote on the Police Board might have potential to save a few stoners.

Read more stoner advocacy:

Mayor-elect Quinton Lucas said he'd pardon those with marijuana convictions. He should

Results from the 2016 election brought about new rules on the use of recreational and medicinal marijuana in several states, with more than half now allowing for the latter. Federal government leaders including president-elect Trump have voiced the If Kansas City Mayor-elect Quinton Lucas keeps one of his campaign promises, our city could become the latest in the nation to clear marijuana possession convictions en masse.


  1. Does that include those poor city workers who got fired for failing their drug tests?


  2. Weed and booze that's your Kansas City mayor. You stupid idiots.

  3. So Tommy CHONG can start his world tour .


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