Kansas City Urban Core East Side Stays Winning Property Tax Spike Fight

More on this later but for now here's a hint of a far more curious and insidious trend among the property tax spike. Checkit:

Part 2: KCTV5 uncovers lucky homeowners spared in new assessment

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Property taxes are up way up, and homeowners are speaking out. But, KCTV5 News uncovered truly lucky homeowners and landlords who have no reason to complain. They are getting one heck of a deal. One house in the 1600 block of Summit Street recently sold for $835,000.


  1. Shining a light on the corrupt trash running the city of KCMO and other agencies6/19/19, 10:48 AM

    Stupid article. Does nothing to address the real problem.

  2. Chief Sitting Sharice6/19/19, 12:01 PM

    The positive is a person who just gets by in their $125,000 home working two jobs, or on a fixed income may be able to get their 2019 assessment reduced to $295,000. What a deal.

  3. I told y’all last week the eastside around prospect didn’t get one penny added to their taxes, the city and county are trying to rid this town of poor people.... it’s a good move, all the crime and murder would go someplace else if they could get rid of the worthless hoodrats.

    1. Uhmmm yes, we did get tax increases and it will be disputed. I pay $1,000 a year, at one time it was $1,700/yr. Not fair or worth it for what we get in return. You don't know what you're talking about.

  4. Jefferson Street is not on the eastside.... more like Westside which is always on the winning side of things.

  5. Good time to get into the tent business.


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