Kansas City Tuesday Morning Collection

Pop culture double take to start the day:

Harpers: Emily Ratajkowski Just Wore a Sparkly Naked Gown on the Tony Awards Red Carpet

QZ: This is what Instagram thinks it knows about you

Closer to home, these news links start our morning:

2nd Rate Summer Drama

Shakespeare Festival showcasing non-Shakespeare play

This year the Shakespeare Festival is performing "Shakespeare in Love."

Northland Electric Switcheroo

Platte City gets its first public electric vehicle charging station

PLATTE CITY, Mo. - Electric vehicles continue to gain traction around Kansas City. Monday, the Platte-Clay Electric Cooperative installed the first public electric vehicle charging station in Platte City, Missouri. This is the co-op's second public charging station, with the other at its headquarters in Kearney, Missouri.

Placing Local Pussy

Wayside Waifs hopes 11 cats will find homes as barn cats

Wayside Waifs is hoping 11 cats found at an abandoned house in Belton will find homes at area barns.The adoption fees are waived as long as the cats have a job to do.Larry the cat does not mind doing the dirty work.

Pet Tech For Crooks

Owner upset after Missouri police use dog scanning app to seize pets

GALLATIN, MO (KCTV) -- You've probably heard about pit bull bans, but do you know exactly how they work? KCTV5 News recently heard from a family who says their dogs were wrongly identified and then seized. They were told to get dog DNA tests to prove the animals were not pit bulls.

Will Prez Trump Save Kansas???

Governor requests 'major presidential declaration' for Kansas flooding, tornadoes

Governor Laura Kelly sent a request to President Donald Trump on Monday asking for a major presidential declaration for the public assistance program for 63 counties in Kansas due to record rainfall and severe weather. The weather that began April 28 and continued through May caused flash flooding and numerous tornadoes.

Show-Me Weed Startups!!!

How to Start a Medical Marijuana Business in Missouri

After Missouri voters enacted Amendment 2 last November-which legalized medical marijuana-the state's health department took public input from patients, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals about how to structure the new system. But the department doesn't seem to have equity in mind when it comes to granting cannabis business licenses.

Last Place Freebies!!!

Royals T-Shirt Tuesday on June 11

The first 10,000 fans can score a cool home-grown t-shirt with the Royals iconic crowned R logo courtesy of Planet Fitness.

The Chemical Brothers - Eve Of Destruction is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. KCTV5 story on bit bull app: It is understandable the owner could not afford the test.

    TV 5 should have conducted the DNA test on the two confiscated dogs to help determine the accuracy of the app.

    As it stands, the story is (as usual) incomplete.

    Where's Paul Harvey?

  2. I love how pit Owner's immediately start equivocating. But, but, but, they aren't pitbulls, they're uh, uhhh, labs, yeah, labs and a bull mastiff, or I don't know. Jeez. You're worried about affording a DNA test to get your pit back but you have babies in the home? I mean to tell you, ya can't fix stupid. I've literally never met an educated, intelligent, or respectful pit Owner. To a tee, they are: PWT (like in story), ghetto thugs, supremely stupid, wanna bes. Nothing else. I don't mind dogs, but that breed needs to be eradicated.


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