Thursday, June 06, 2019


You'd think that with hundreds of thousands of riders everyday, they'd get more than a couple of comments and/or likes from people who aren't paid to do so . . .

Here's the pitch based on unverified electronic beeps . . .

May '19 #kcstreetcar ridership was more than 19,500 higher than May '18 w/ 218,664 rides. The 4-day #MemorialDayWeekend logged 49,325 rides. Thank you for riding, #KansasCity. ❤️🚊

Developing . . .


good times said...

what a fun ride!

I like it!

Don't be a hater. Who cares if the numbers are unbelievable. We should just have fun while we have it. I hope it gets the extension too

Anonymous said...

The majority of riders must be invisible. I see the streetcar in operation several times a day, and it is very rarely more than one third full.

Anonymous said...

If the same homeless dude rides both ways on the line is he counted twice?

Anonymous said...

Will someone please do an intervention with Tony. Is it opioids???

TKC said: "You'd think that with hundreds of thousands of riders everyday..."

No Tony, the tweet clearly states 218,664 for the MONTH OF MAY. Not per day.

Over Memorial Day weekend (with a big concert at Union Station feeding riders to the event), they averaged about 12,000 per day. The remaining days of May, they averaged 6,500 per day. That would be generously be several thousand or a few thousand a day.

You don't have to do the math. Just look at their graph. It shows 4,000 to 6,000 total rides on most days. Very realistic numbers.

Not "hundreds of thousands of riders everyday", as you mockingly and INCORRECTLY reported.

Hire a copy editor. Fire an intern. Check for dementia. What's the solution, Tony???

You have gone full senile over the last few days with the several simple errors of basic fact. Too bad other readers didn't also catch it. That says something about most of the geezers here.

Anonymous said...

The inane troll speaks again.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^OH and I am sure you're just so fucking perfect in everything you do.

Best story about the streetcar was when Super Dave blew their figures out the window after spending several days riding and doing counts.

Anonymous said...

It's a tourist attraction, nothing more. Riders should really be required to pay a fare.

Anonymous said...

I'm not perfect. Nobody is, but what do I know. I'm just a reader that leaves inane comments. I don't run a news link site that mocks the Kansas City Star and the press in general for their inaccuracies. Nobody's perfect is not a helpful defense of the incorrect labeling of a PR tweeting promoting 6,000 daily rides and claiming light rail officials are faking numbers of 600,000 daily.

Just correct it.

Hey, we're used to the nationalist and pseudo-populist opinion themes here. We know there will be racist comments about koloreds, misogynist comments about dumb cunts, and homophobic slurs about pole smokers & lick-a-hoes. Opinion can be ugly. But is TKC now becoming a completely fact free zone where we make up and post any stat, despite real figures being obvious in the links?

I realize the commenters are eager to forgive mistakes and incompetence. But defending it??? Come on. Yes, please Tony, keep lying to us so we can laugh and feel good. Again, I realize the habit is hard to break after defending Trump's continuous bumbling for going on 3 years, but can we try to aim a just a little higher and stop making stupid errors about fact?



Anonymous said...

^^^^^You're right, you're not perfect and along with that you ain't right either.

Anonymous said...

Is there anything to dispute these numbers?

Anonymous said...

Yes. There's the general falsehood with which the entire silly project was conceived, the way the public's will was subverted by hilariously fraudulent balloting, and the fact that no one would believe City Hall anymore if they said the sun came up this morning.

Anonymous said...

^^^So, your answer is they mislead on the project in general. Again, do you have any hard evidence to dispute these numbers? No? Ok, shut the fuck up then, old ass geezer.