Kansas City Tax Fighters Endorse Stacey Johnson-Cosby For 6th District At-Large

This mention is notable because it's rare and offers a glimpse at the growing discontent with the status quo in Southland.

Moreover, we wanted to make sure to get this documented for when they're all shipped to Guantanamo Bay for hassling the wife of a Federal Judge.


CFRG: Quality Candidate

As you know Citizens For Responsible Government - Kansas City has not been in the habit of endorsing candidates for office. However, with the condition of our City, State and Nation we have decided to change that.

We are looking for quality candidates we feel will make a difference while thinking mostly the same way we do. We know it will never be a perfect match but if we can move the elected officials closer it would be a big help.

We believe STACEY JOHNSON-COSBY is a quality candidate we can support. She was interviewed on “The Pete Mundo radio show” earlier this week on KCMO 710AM and 103.7FM. Here is the interview we ask you spend a few minutes to see why we support Stacey. She has a definite plan as well as more accomplishments than most of the candidates running. Stacey is running for the 6th District At Large which the whole City can vote for her.

Here is the link to the interview: After listening we think you will agree with our assessment. Her plan is solid.

Stacey has worked tirelessly to help the residents of her Southside neighborhoods. She founded the South Kansas City Alliance, worked on Scott Taylor’s PIAC committee, so she understands how City Hall works and knows most of the people at City Hall.

 She is a landlord and understands the difficulties with low income housing. She led an impact study to end homelessness for 700 students and veterans in Kansas City. She is currently a member of The Center Planning Neighborhood Umbrella Group and has sold Realestate for 32 years in Kansas City. She has held job fairs (Cerner) for lower income workers to help them find employment at $15.00 per hour. She has many more unselfish activities to her credit.

Her opponent is Andrea Bough who is an development lawyer (the last thing we need on the city council) married to a Federal Judge. Bough can’t hold a candle to Johnson-Cosby’s energy, work ethic and past accomplishments for the residents of this city. You can visit Stacey on her web site at www.StaceyForKC.com.

Please take the time to consider this candidate and share . . .

You decide . . .


  1. This is an embarrassing endorsement for a citywide candidate.


  2. Come On! Do you really believe she will help you?

  3. NOT voting for ANY Black candidate named "Cosby"

    Also not voting for any women with multi-hyphenated last names. I'm sorry, but all or most of those women should be bitch slapped by their mothers.

    Also not voting for a lesbian clone of our current worst mayor of all time*.
    Also not voting for another term of sly (*see above) (with spanish!)

    Shit! Do I even need to get out of bed that Tuesday?
    IF I can write in Clay's name, that's going to be more of a 'statement' than an actual vote....but I might get out of bed intentionally to do just that.

  4. Bullshit up and down this endorsement. Stacey Johnson-Cosby Is the TIF Queen of South Kansas City and fleeced the 6th District by pulling District funds away from Waldo and siphoned them to Red Bridge and Martin City. She’s a dirt-slinging liar we can’t trust.

    1. Waldo blows. Martin City has a future.

  5. Well, it looks like John Sharp woke up. He has threatened Stacey every step of the way. He wanted her to stay out of the race so Bough could win. He will be slinging his BS now...


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