Sunday, June 02, 2019

Kansas City Sunday Night Outlook

A brief moment of respite as we are "pregnant" with anticipation for the work week ahead and glossing over International fashionista hottie baby bump pix in order to provide big picture perspective for this ongoing cowtown celebration life life.

While KC WATER BOIL ORDER LOCAL NEWS is important, as always we want to dive deeper.

Accordingly, here's a few things we're taking on in the coming day . . .

- Developer drama and how it impacts locals on the street level - Kansas City residents might soon fight themselves getting a lot more cozy with their neighbors.

- Crime spike 2019 continues and there's very little that our former or new mayor seem to be able to do about it.

- The media game amid dead-tree decline: We've got some fun and unfortunate notes from local industry players who are dealing with life in the social media era.

All this and more for our readers who are kind enough to check back sometime in the morning i.e. before noon and then throughout the day.

As always, thanks for reading this Sunday . . . STAY TUNED!!!