Kansas City Summer Cuisine: Bar Food

Because 120 degrees outside is just too hot to eat a big slab of meat, he's a collection of carbs, sugar and processed carcinogens to satisfy the cravings of this town's functional alcoholics who still maintain an active social schedule. Checkit:

A bucket list of beer bites in Kansas City

Pictured: Burger from Lew's Grill and Bar1. Upscale, affordable food and craft beer were the inspiration for opening Martin City Brewing Gastropub and, later, its Pizza and Taproom next door. Chefs prepare flavor-forward sandwiches, wraps, pizzas (like the EspaƱa with chorizo), salads and daily specials. Try the Cowboy Mac n' Cheese with pulled pork.


  1. "Chefs prepare flavor-forward sandwiches..." So you taste the burgers before you take a bite?

  2. ^^^^^^^

    An honest to goodness LOL there!


  3. What kind of sad magazine is this that raves about mac and fuckin cheese?


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