Saturday, June 01, 2019

Kansas City Star Vs. New KCK Mayor

Pure partisan hackery from this column when, IN FACT, the new mayor has been clear on his support for 1st responders and police in particular. Here's the newspaper tragically targeting anyone who doesn't support their DNC social justice posturing. Checkit:

As tensions simmer between Wyandotte County DA and police, where is the mayor?

Steven Rios, a Kansas City, Kan., police officer has been charged with sexual battery against a co-worker. He allegedly committed the crime while on duty, said Wyandotte County District Attorney Mark Dupree during a press conference Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

The KC Star’s question should be:

Since you are losing money and your stock is in a free fall- Why in the Sam Hell are you hiring editorial staff - when it’s a proven fact that most opinions divide people? Last time we checked PAYROLL was an expense and you chose to continue to divide the few readers you have left?

Good luck with that. Traditional ways have gotten you where you are today.

Anonymous said...

I wish alvey would do something about our Chief and re coup some of what he stole from taxpayers with his free lake quivira house plus whatever reimbursement he claimed all while clicking his six figures county salary. Terrible attitude of entitlement at the top of kckpd makes one wonder about the culture and what officers are doing down-rank.

Big supporter of our police but there has to be accountability.

My house has had assessments jacked up more than 10% each of last 3 years btw so not amusing to see such handouts to kckpd chief. Please excuse lengthy rant. Thanks,


Anonymous said...

Not Lake Quivira, the house is located at Wyandotte County Lake - big difference.

Anonymous said...

Lake quivira is 3/4 in JoCo and 1/4 in WyCo


Anonymous said...

LOL He lives on WYCO Lake!! The bigger point is the Chief is a crook. His ex-partner is a rapist who exploited black people and terrorized them. The Chief was just exposed for firing a police officer who reported she was sexually assaulted by her trainer. WYCO/KCK needs reform. They're corrupt af

LQ over Mission Hills and most of SoJoCo, for sure! said...

True, but that 1/4 is the northeasterly side adjacent Pflumm as it becomes equivalent to South 82nd-ish (forgot exact street sign marker), is what our friends there call the po' side. It isn't poor, but the fill-ins that are the estate showies were added to the south and west sides starting a couple decades ago. Some say it's fair for fishing, great at the club house for dining, and excellent for golf. For me, switch the golf and fishing ratings.

Anonymous said...

Alvey is a lot like Reardon. Just dont piss anyone off and maybe you will get a good not for profit job. Holland liked to piss people off.. but he thought he was Jesus. Marinovich actually did her job. Got labeled a bitch by everyone in KCK but she actually made real change happen. The other three dont have what she has.