Kansas City Star Parent Company Still Bleeding Red Ink Despite Downsizing

Important update on the fading fortunes of the print industry that still hasn't found a sustainable profit model in the social media era of freebie fake news saturation. Take a look:

Owner of KC Star, Wichita Eagle continues losing money - The Sentinel

McClatchy, the parent company of the Kansas City Star and the Wichita Eagle, continues to and miss expectations. In its most recent quarterly financial report issued in May, the newspaper chain revealed a net loss of $42 million, or $5.34 per share, in the first quarter of 2019.


  1. Watching the Star's slow motion death throes has been kind of fun. But it's time for the Star to give it up and ascend to propaganda heaven.

  2. Bleeding red ink, how appropriate. Die a slow death pinkos.

  3. They should hire Byron Funkhouser for the editorial staff. That would be hilarious.

  4. ^^^^
    Given the current members of the editorial board and the regularly dreck they produce, it appears that Byron would be OVERQUALIFIED for the job.
    Besides, he doesn't bring enough "diversity".
    They need to add a bi-racial, transgender, black, Muslim woman environmentalist to the panel.
    And demonstrate that they're willing to practice what they endlessly preach.

  5. Byron can't have a job if he did he would be charged with fraud. Wait he should be charged with fraud anyway.

  6. had the star not totally embarrassed itself during the last presidential election they would have bought more time. Oh well. fuck them and the people who work there


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