Kevin Kietzman is not hosting his show today. Union Broadcasting just issued a statement apologizing for the sports talker's comments and taking him off air until further notice.

More info on the firestorm for those who haven't seen it already and may not know that Kansas City Chiefs' Coach Andy Reid suffered the loss of his son:

New York Post: Kansas City radio host Kevin Kietzman uses Andy Reid’s dead son against him

LA Times: Radio host says his controversial comments weren’t about death of Andy Reid’s son

USA Today: Kansas City radio host ties Tyreek Hill case to Andy Reid's family life: 'Things go bad for him'

Just now, fill-ins meekly declare that they don't want to take calls or answer for the Kansas City talker embroiled in the crisis.

Stupidly, still according to his lat post on Twitter, he's doubling down on one of the most cruel references he has ever made in his career. A national sports blog predicted this and whilst the media power player is able to bully small-timers.


KK: "With sincerest apologies to coach Andy Reid."


"To the surprise of exactly no one, instead of apologizing, Kietzman is focusing on a handy little straw-man argument—that he has been accused of blaming Reid directly for his son’s death—and is scolding those responsible for making it."

The longtime local sports talker is free to stand by his questionable rhetoric but there is no denying the controversy.

In the era of "cancel culture" is his stonewalling acceptable???

Wisdom from another long running local talker:


"I say a lot of things on the radio that many people deem offensive. The thought of placing blame on the feet of a parent whose child dies by suicide is beyond offensive. It’s unconscionable."


"Let me be clear. I do not think anyone should be fired for controversial statements. You as a metro area will decide that by what you choose to listen to at 2pm."

Progressive troll that his is . . . Of course Lazlo will be listening today at 2 in the PM.

So I guess he's disappointed like everybody else.

More important than media chatter or even social media atwitter . . . We ask our blog community:


Smarter fanboys know that keeping a good relationship with the Chiefs is essential for the sake of any sports news outlet.

We expect the denials or some rhetorical two-stepping to be spouted by Kietzman BUT I'm not sure if listening to sports talk is an indignity TKC is willing to suffer for the sake of this blog. I might wear some headphones whilst doing something more important, but I doubt it.

So we'll take a brief pause on this post and ask for updates from those who are curious about the fate of a KC talker in the midst of nationwide rebuke.


Union Broadcasting Statement Regarding Kevin Kietzman’s Comments on BTL on June 24th

We are aware of the controversial comments made by Kevin Kietzman during yesterday’s broadcast of Between the Lines. We have decided to take the immediate step to take Kevin off the air until further notice as we review this matter.

We take Kevin’s comments and those of all on-air staff seriously. Kevin’s comments were clearly not to his or our standards. Please know that we will take necessary appropriate actions.

We sincerely apologize to Andy Reid and his family, the Kansas City Chiefs organization and our loyal listeners and share their concerns.

Union Broadcasting

You decide . . .


  1. Of course they should keep him on air.

    But a buyout would probably be better advised.

    If he cared about his co-owners and coworkers he would have quickly apologized.

  2. The KU alums will call for his head because he raises their blood pressure with his comments that don't toe the Jayhawk line. It will be the equivalent of Trump's Russian collusion kerfuffle.

  3. "Between the Lines" is lines of coke, duh.

  4. Dump him. Don't care if he owns the station. He's not worth it.

  5. @2:02Pm Except and this is key here...Keitzman's "kerfuffle" won't result in recommendation for impeachment on obstruction of justice charges like the Russian collusion "kerfuffle."

    1. It was a 'kerfuffle', because the real key is that no collusion was found.

      Impeachment is dead. Get over it. Why waste more time on it when you could be reaching out to voters?

      Trump in a walk.

  6. I hope he was suspended. If not he's just a coward for not standing up to criticism.

  7. ^^^ I think at some point the other employees need to be considered. They didn't say anything, it's his big mouth that got them into the mess.

  8. It was a dumb comment. Apologize and move on.

  9. How do you sleep?

  10. He's trying to spin it as he didn't say it or it was misinterpreted. I mean, this is Trump's America, but I have no friggin clue how that statement could've been misinterpreted.

    If he's smart, he'll apologize. If not, dude's (and potentially his station) gonna get blacklisted by the Chief's organization. He thought he had it bad when King Carl was running the show.

  11. what a dumb mistake. You'd think with all of those years in the business he would have known better.

  12. ^^^^ Great, nobody gives a shit.

    Fire Keitzman.

  13. I've been a listener to 1510/810 and KK's show since the late '90s. I was there when the transformer blew back in the old 1510 days. I was there when they got the Royals broadcasting rights. Only for them to have the worst season they ever had. I was there for Share the Wealth. I was there for the Johnny Damon protest. I was there through the Maas Exodus. I was there through good and bad sports seasons. And you know what? I still am.

    KK is the only sports talk show worth a darn. I tried tuning into 610. I couldn't make it through my drive home from work.

  14. He's always been an arrogant tool and so goes for Boeger and the rest of 810 Sports. Their late night programing has sucked ever since they took Ron Barr's Sports By Line show off the air.

  15. @2:44-No Collusion was not found because they never went looking for it dumbass! Collusion itself is not even a crime! I know you like Trump, and that means you're likely retarded but, the whole Russian "Kerfuffle" was launched to find if Russia interfered in the elections which they did, and the report concluded they did. "Collusion" was a Faux News word invented to confuse the retard base(of which you are a proud member). Maybe learn to think critically instead of repeating what Faux News shoves up your ass. Fucking tool!


  16. what's this "radio" thingy anyway?

  17. Just to folllow up my arrogant tool comment, lets not forget the tool Nate Bukaty and what he did sitting courtside at a KU Basketball game wavying a score sheet in an opposing players face. They should all be banned from any teams clubhouse or press conference.

  18. ^^^Ignorant, or, not paying attention.

    If Mueller could have found Trump guilty of pulling off mattress tags, he would have been indicted.

    Mueller said, there was NO COLLUSION BY ANY AMERICAN IN THE 2016 ELECTION.

    Imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth weeks prior to this announcement.

    Now, the Fascist/Democrat/Deep-State Scum, is working overtime, to try and prove, that the President's tweets, which displayed his outrage at being accused of a crime - TREASON - that is punishable by death, by literally everyone on the left, including the Pravda-4th Estate, which, FUCKING MUELLER HIMSELF SAID HE WAS NOT GUILTY OF- is "Obstruction Of Justice".

    Totalitarian-De-Platforming-Fascist scum are all the same. In Hong Kong, the people want to stay free of the EXACT TYPE OF SCUMBAG FILTH, that has taken over the Democrat Party.


  19. What does any of this have to do with president trump???

  20. Kevin didn't lie about one fuckin thing.

    I quit watching the NFL years ago, but the politically correct, "safe space", "I am a victim" bullshit doesn't work for those in the public eye.

    If 810 wants to fire him, or, suspend him, they probably have the right to do so, based on expected revenue and his contract.

    That said, he told the truth and THAT, will get you fired and destroyed, unless you are Tony Botello (Thank God.)

    Think about the contrast, the expected cash flow, the readership/viewership and the veracity of comment itself.

    The ACTUAL reason KK is in trouble has NOTHING to do with "journalistic" accuracy, objective reality, or, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT, inflicting pain on a public figure that most, if not many of the local public admire - it is because, he accidentally (IMO) threatened the expected revenue of 810 Radio.

    His extemporaneous comment, was dead on the fuckin money. Andy's kids are wild asses and junkies because, if I had to guess, Andy is gone all the time coaching football. It's a 24/7/365 job and his kids turned out to be wild asses. Andy, purposefully, especially after seeing some of his kids, get fucked up, kept right the fuck on, being gone and his kids and family paid the price.

    Kevin told the truth and in this politically correct day and age, that is dangerous, ill advised behaviour, unless your already known, as a guy to speaks TRUTH TO POWER, like Tony and can get away with it.

    People who actually tell the truth, are a dying, hunted, hated breed in this New America.

  21. ^^Go away old man. Nobody gives a fuck when you quit watching the NFL & why. Stay on topic. Your dementia is taking over again.

  22. 3:49 You give a fuck, you give a hell of a big fuck. Mired down in your illiterate, predictable, bandwagon, Comme Il Faut comments like the fuckin tar baby you are, you are stuck, stuck, stuck in place, out of that reserved beam of light, that the oculus shines on those folks, not adhered to a "narrative" that has become your "identity".

    The ONLY credit you get, for the amygdala, the orbitofrontal cortex parts of your brains that dictate your pathetic response, is, that you KNOW, you are JUST smart enough, to know you are Flipper Baby smart.

    Wasn't "Good Morning America" great today?!?!?!?!?

  23. 6 mos. without pay or at least until football season is over next January. If no apology he's gone.

  24. Chuck has obviously not read the report about our little obstructionist but I digress. Chuck claims KK speaks the truth, but oddly, KK states that's not what he meant to say (AR couldn't even deal with his own family issues). So is KK lying, or is Chuck? Oh, and Chuck hates the NFL because those damn spoiled black athletes don't stand for the anthem. Chuck is an old fucking bitch. Don't be chuck.

  25. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. So it is with Keitzman. He's not just an 810 employee, he is part owner of the company of the station. And - at least until now - has said or not said whatever he feels, when he feels like it.

    His ego had inflated to the point he felt he can criticize anything, anytime, anywhere. He's made references to Reid's son before. More vaugue ones, but in the same vein. Hopefuly he's chastized a bit and won't spout more stupid comments.

    BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE - He'll be sidelined for a few days. Probably do an on-air "mea culpa", but then he'll be back giving KC his version of how the universe works. His rating are soiid...and how do you fire someone from a company when they own/are part of that company?

  26. I forgot about Bukaty's 8th-grade actions with the sheet of paper while courtside at the KU-KSU game. That was about as bush league as you can get and shouldn't have gone unpunished. I hope KK is allowed back. I've listened to 610 AM talk too much about bodily noises instead of sports for my tastes.

    At least KK has some depth to his knowledge. Petro does too, but he seems angrier than ever and picked up an East Coast attitude while at Syracuse, where he thinks everybody from the Midwest was educated after they finished their morning farm chores. St. John is funny, but as far as insightful opinions, I'm not sure he brings real depth. And have ever listened to the 810 AM "B Team"? It's not pretty. Sort of reminds me of 610's "A Team."

  27. I can see where Chuck is coming from. Nobody is accusing KK of lying.

    But there's no denying that his comments were insensitive and hurtful. Why? We're talking about football here. Is it really worth digging up the past and dragging a guy through the mud just because you disagree with his play calling? Are 3rd down calls really worth sinking the local conversation to that level?

    Doubt it.

    And most people agree, that's why there is the outrage. It's not political, it's just decency and sports fans wanting to talk about the game and not all of the drama and politics surrounding it.

  28. Well, he's never going to move beyond this market. Too bad. I think some of what he says is very interesting.

  29. One of the owners is that putz - dont see him firing himself, Doubt Chad Boeger will fire him either

  30. ^^^ He has a network to answer to. They aren't going to let that slide. He can keep ownership and still be forced out. Ask Papa John how that goes. He still owns his company but he can't run it.

  31. He'll be missed. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha

  32. Did he ever quit listening to people and hang up?
    Maybe a taste of his own medicine. No worries...he will be back.
    Just not on the radio here.
    Maybe he turns up selling used cars or timeshares.
    He had a good run.
    He should be thankful and move on.
    It’s a good lesson.

  33. Couldn't have happened to a more arrogant asshole.

  34. Why can't a parent be blamed for a child's suicide? If a parent can be held responsible legally for their children's actions why are they not responsible for the actions when they commit suicide? Both his sons went to prison for drug trafficking not dealing trafficking. Once they got one of the brothers went back to his drug use and OD'd on heroin! Heroin! Where was the father when these boys were doing the drugs? Answer... Coaching football that was more important than his sons. I know people who turn down promotions because it would mean time away from their family. Isn't this what we blame the black community for no fathers! Then the actions of their children? The CDC out of Atlanta has shown in studies and households with one parent there is an extreme lack of discipline and direction for the children leading to them searching out and taking the wrong road because there's not a father they're telling them not to. I think a lot of parents have sacrificed for the safety and health of their children. Andy had a chance to retire when he left Philadelphia but chose to immediately continue his football career instead of taking the millions he earned and retiring to be with his family. Do you really think he needs the money question mark do you think if you asked him if he gave all that money back and trade for his son do you think he would?

  35. ^^^It's a good thing you know all the ins and outs of the Reid family life. Glad to have you here to pass your judgement.

    1. My friend it's called public record. Which part of it do you disagree with because it is all factual. Andy is that you?

    2. Or is this Bob Moore patrolling the blog sites and listening to the radio listening for horrible things said about the organization! and it is my opinion and it's an opinion based on fact.

    3. Well I do know from the news and public record that both of his sons went to prison not for dealing but for trafficking! That's a big difference. We also know Garrett OD'd on heroin.

  36. @11:32 Glad you're so perfect. We'll know to blame you when one of your kids fucks up.

    1. Hey Bubba I am not perfect I am human and have my flaws. My warts don't shine in public like Andy's does. Which part is incorrect? The one about his son's trafficking in heroin which resulted in them going to prison for it or the part about Garrett being alone when he OD'd I am sorry it's An Inconvenient Truth but it is all factual. Weird huh

  37. ^^ Thanks for the insights Todd Leabo. Go back to kissing Kevin's ass.

  38. Kevin is a piece of dirt for that statement. Kick his selfish dumb ass outta KC. Give Lazlo his job. he's funny and way more knowledgeable about sports.


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