Kansas City School Life Lesson: Rent Is Free

They say that housing is a human right and that's probably correct when teaching the NEXTGEN that landlords are racist or whatever rhetorical tactic that buys time until the rise of American socialism. Take a look:

KCPS working to help students and families fight evictions

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City Public Schools is being recognized nationally for its efforts to tackle evictions of students by helping them stay in their homes and, thus, stay in the same schools through the years. The Council of Great City Schools awarded its 2019 Research and Assessment Leadership Award to the KCPS Division of Research and Accountability.


  1. Sorry. Rent is going up even higher with the 2019 assessments.

    Real HIGH

  2. The woman interviewed for this story last night on TV had he hair colored and cut like the expensive ones you see on the street. I wonder if she chose to have that done rather than pay her rent?

  3. ^^^^^^^^^^
    Black is violent!

  4. White is trash.

  5. Pay the rent on time, don't allow drugs on premises, don't allow the place to become a flop house for criminals and violent people = no eviction. But it's not likely that KCPS has these factors in its anti eviction plan.

  6. Gibsmedat! I don't have to pay no kinda way!

  7. So, if the owners of these rental units would say, "OK, I'm out. You folks may have the properties free and clear."

    How long do you think those properties would be livable, even with no rent? Do you think the tenants could/would create some form of management to deal with upkeep and necessary maintenance?

    Then who would the renter/ranters complain to?


  8. Do you think Maybe the public school system should focus on trying to educate their scholar utes, after receiving over a BILLION DOLLARS of court ordered taxpayer money, rather than diverting attention from their dismal lack of success by getting into the realty business? Nah, that ain't no fun.
    (Notice the double negative.)

  9. This is basic economics. Does the school district realize its funding comes from property taxes? People who own property like Landlords? Landlords get their money to pay property taxes from renting the property. No money for rent equals no money for taxes resulting in no money for schools.

  10. Vanessa Plomboy of KCMO never paid her rent. And she worked for Sprint and as a realtor! Deadbeat lady, I threw her belongings in the trash after 1 year of waiting for rent. I mean ALL her belongings.

  11. THE NANNY STATE ON STEROIDS, I TELL YA!!!@@@6/28/19, 11:39 AM

    Fukabuncha socialist crap! The welfare mooching is outta control! There's free transportation, 2 to 3 free meals daily, and laundry services. Yeah, like Hitler's NAZI boarding schools for low-income youth, just set up bunk rooms in the schools, already. The buildings are sitting empty overnight, anyway. Well, gotta install some Barry BathHouse showers, big screen TVs, loads of gamer gear, a huge snack pantry, some big sugary drinks dispensers, and a mega charger station for the electronics, because, you know, the KCPS district wants to do it ALL for the gibsmes.

  12. ^^That's it pops..you've been warned about flapping your gums on the inter-webs, & getting your blood pressure up. No Matlock! Now say goodnight geezer.

  13. OK, folks should pay their rent -- just as landlords should take care of their property. Most landlords are neither racist nor evil, but must have sufficient income to meet mortgage payments and expenses -- are entitled to make a profit.

    The School Board's interest has NOTHING to do with socialism and everything to do with the fact that a child that must transfer from one school to another multiple times is less likely to learn and more likely to drop out. Unlike military family who must relocate multiple times, evicted families have no income stream and no support group to help out.

    Most evictions are of poor folks -- many of whom have jobs, but jobs at a a poverty level. You should sit down and try making a budget for your family based on a minimum-wage job. If the minimum wage had kept up with inflation, it would be $20, not $8. And folks making $20/hr are far less likely to get evicted.

  14. ^^^So, in summary, the landlord has a right to collect rent, tenants sometimes do not pay rent, but the schools would prefer that people who fail to pay rent don't get evicted.

    Now what's your solution that will satisfy all three groups?


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