Sunday, June 09, 2019

Kansas City Royals Fanboy Critical Mass Builds: It's Time To Bring Up Bubba

Another column begging for the front office to give fans what they want and at least give the home town hero the shot he deserves . . . Read more:

Kansas City Royals: Please bring up Bubba Starling NOW

Every year since probably 2013 or so, Kansas City Royals fans have wondered if that year is the year that former 2011 first round pick Bubba Starling makes his MLB debut. Well, it's been eight years since the Gardner native was drafted and it feels like 2019 might finally be the year of Starling in Kansas City.


Anonymous said...

8 years later and he can’t break out of the minors? Time for him to get a real job

Anonymous said...

Shit or get off the pot Royals. Season's over, this kid has been around long enough, it's time to see if he can make it in the bigs.

Anonymous said...

If this guy was from Anywhere but the KC burbs he would've been shitcanned long ago.