Friday, June 21, 2019

Kansas City Right To Record Po-Po?!?!?

The public absolutely has a right to record police but, as always, authorities have a great deal of discretion to decide if citizen media is interfering in their work. And so, here's video of a rough arrest and a guy who earned a ticket for his footage. Meanwhile, the topic of an allegedly racist transgender African-American lady threatening Asian people near the Plaza escapes discussion. Take a look:

Man ticketed after filming KCPD officers making arrest

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - On Friday, The Kansas City Police Department had a positive response to an app that helps record hands-free video when an individual is getting pulled over. "If this is a way to ease their anxiety on interaction with a police officer, that's fine," Captain Tim Hernandez had said.


Harry P. Ness said...

Evidently Roderick Reed is an expert on police processes and how they should do their job.

Hyperblogal said...

I think police are the most second-guessed group in the country today; second only to cable repair people.

Anonymous said...

The police should start releasing videos of the BEHAVIOR of the goons that they have to regularly put up with and try to protect the public from.
And we'd quickly find that there are WAY more of those episodes than situations in which there is questionable police behavior.
The whole "the police are out to get us" routine is one-sided and completely overblown.
Ride with the KCPD on a dog watch ride-along in East Patrol from 7:30pm to 6:30am, especially on a Friday or Saturday night.
The context of this discussion would be instructive.

Anonymous said...

He wasn't ticketed for recording. He was ticketed for blocking the street.

also this line "Police said someone called 911 about a male-bodied person dressed as a woman, so we are using female pronouns when referring to her."

Fuck this gay earth

Anonymous said...

^^Then leave it...ASAP!

Anonymous said...

Citizens who are hostile and combative with the police should come away from the incident knowing that they've been in combat.

Anonymous said...

11:31, if only there's no risk and inconvenience to the popos that lowlifes get any bodily fluids on them or their vehicles. Some crims could do with an attitude adjustment, but beating the crap out of the violent idjits makes they mamas cry and then they call lawyers. So, fuck em. No paydays from the taxpayers for the babymamas to be fighting over.

Charlie Horse said...

"She" could have let several wet juice farts to incapacitate the officers so "she" could at least sit up.