Sunday, June 23, 2019

Kansas City Real Life Confessional

Important insight and share from a local author on coping with the loss of a parent. Read more:

One Month Without Dad

Did I tell y'all I found a speeding ticket that Dad got late last year? True story. My old man was busted going 77 in a 55 m.p.h. zone-which I found quite funny. Unless he was hungry, he was never in a hurry for anything.


Anonymous said...

You were blessed to have a great relationship with your Dad and I am sure you miss your best friend very much. I wish my Dad could have been like yours was. Such a shortage of real fathers in this world anymore and that is so sad to see.

Anonymous said...

Just be glad you’re not bLIEron’s dad, poor man was forced to have sex with him! Hahahahaha!

Byron Funkhouser said...

^^That's a pretty disgusting lie, Petersucker.

Everyone buries their parents. If it causes you to fall apart, then they didn't do a very good job of raising you.

Of course, we didn't all have Ozzie & Harriet for parents.

When my father died, I celebrated.

I intend to celebrate my mother's death as well.

Before you judge me, consider that they got the son they raised.

Anonymous said...

^^ What a miserable life you must lead.

Dennis Funkhouser said...

11:06 Byron created his own hell all on his own and has lied about our family for years.