Kansas City 'Queer Eye' Comeback

Somehow, I know you dudes are more interested in this than you let on . . . At least enough to form an opinion and a strong reaction.

Take a look:

Fox4: ‘Queer Eye’ back in Kansas City for season four

Popular TV show “Queer Eye” is back in Kansas City for its fourth season, according to a tweet from the show’s account on June 18.

You decide . . . 


  1. We have more faggots in Kansas City than we need. They are always acting out trying to get attention. We don’t need a tv show about queers and all their faggotry.

  2. ^^^ So when are you leaving for Frisco? So bitchy.

  3. @1:07PM what we need is a show about all the shitty geriatrics this town has. That would be great! It could show how they do nothing but sit and bitch about everyone & everything. It could also do a deep dive and find out why they all are so lonely. It could show how all of their family and friends want nothing to do with them because they are all such judgmental pricks with shitty diapers. That would be so cool! Barf.

  4. Odds are either way KCMO will have a queer mayor.

  5. Sylvester didn't land Amazon, but he was deeply impacted by 5 queers who sashayed through town. It's all about priorities for Sylvester.


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