Kansas City Police Deny Hate Crime Suspicion After Latest Trans Murder

Advocates want more investigation into the motives of this latest killing but authorities assure friends & loved ones this brutal crime was not motivated by political intolerance. And so activists are left to consider that the homicide is simply a result of the typical, rampant & vicious disregard for life that surrounds most local murders . . . Somehow, that answer isn't reassuring. Read more:

Trans Woman Brooklyn Lindsey Murdered in Kansas City

A transgender woman has been murdered in Kansas City, Mo., in the 11th known homicide of a trans American this year. Police discovered the woman's body on the porch of an abandoned house Tuesday morning, The Kansas City Star reports. They identified her Wednesday as Brooklyn Lindsey, 32.


  1. I’m sorry it’s not a woman just because it says it is .

  2. Byron Funkhouser6/27/19, 11:36 AM

    ^^And there is no such thing as an anonymous man.

  3. Impersonating a female prostitute could get one killed. Don't know that that's the case here. Just saying...

  4. Another black on black crime except this is a hate crime committed by a black but it can’t be called that because blacks aren’t racist or intolerant plus the fact that no one will evar call out the murderous blacks for their rampant murderous ways.

    Don’t worry bLIEron, we’re used to it.

  5. They "dead-named" her.
    Her name is "Staten Island Lindsey".

  6. Gee, maybe the tranny was bitch slapping first, then the other person landed some blows (not THOSE kind) in self defense. So, the popos got this right. If it's unknown who put the punches on the gender-bender, there's not enough info to label this as that ridiculously coined PC term, a "hate" crime. It may have been two bendy black bros brawling! Hmmmmmm......

  7. ^^^ Human trash on that comment. I honestly hope you get more mercy than that.

  8. Hate crimes is a stupid designation for declaring motives of a select people of certain characteristics for violent acts upon only specified persons!!! SOME PEOPLE HATE OTHERS OF THEIR OWN RACE, RELIGION, GENDER, and ETHNICITY!!!6/27/19, 1:31 PM

    If this is discovered to be a lovers' spat it's going in the domestic violence category, not the hate crime stats.

  9. Note the intentional or unintentional bias here. If this person wasn't trans but instead just a black male, the news would be a one day note that may or may not include the victim's name. This would never be talked about again and PeterSucker would likely not care or give the murderer a $50 fine.

    But....if the victim is trans or a liberal lawyer - look out. The local news will cover it for weeks and long after the news is no longer new.

    Fox does the same thing...a young, blonde hottie gets offed and its news for months or years. That however is a bit different...people like to see hotties on TV so they do it to put a pretty face on TV. The local news does it however because they are racist and have no expectations for black males.

  10. ^^and you have entirely too much time on your hands, and not enough of a life.

  11. ^^ and yet here you are speaking gibberish again, now that's weird.


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