Kansas City Northland CHEATED On Dwindling GO Bond Cash For Better Streets

Back in 2017, City Hall promised suckers voters a litany of street and sidewalk improvements if they would pony up nearly ONE BILLION DOLLARS to keep 12th & Oak afloat.

Now that cash is already running out and KCMO has seen little to no improvement because of the cash. Checkit:

Northland resurfacing project plagued by delays

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Drivers traveling along Northwest 68th Street between Northwest Waukomis Drive and U.S. 169 can't seem to catch a break. First, the harsh winter opened virtually every seam in the aging pavement and now the fix is causing more headaches.


  1. $800 million and I've seen Zero street and sidewalk improvements. However, I bet if you went to the streets where the mayor and council people live there have been plenty of improvements. I'm also guessing that money was used to give them expensive new office furniture and remodels.

  2. The biggest reason I will not live in KCMO....earnings tax. Complete bullshit. You pay a penalty to live in a city that refuses to crack down hard on crime and can’t stop raw sewage from polluting waterways.

  3. They spent most of it buying out land and buildings on 23rd and prospect to move the intersection and street so it would go right past a church that sold all the land to the city. The fat fake revs score again!

  4. Did anybody honestly think the go bond money was going to be used for what the citizens were told it was for?

  5. ^^^ we all knew it was a lie but we wanted to believe they would do at least one good thing for the citizens..... sLIE lied again.

  6. Boil your drinking water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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