Kansas City Newsie Lady Week In Review

Apologies for this update at the crack o'noon but, to be fair, today's newspaper is only three pages long and full of nothing but AP articles and furniture store advertisements.

And so . . . Our look at the news continues with this "journalistic" examination of issues that have been far more creatively, angrily and eloquently expressed by the plebs via social media. Nevertheless, the "agenda-setting" function of these newsies is important to witness if only so we can all understand how the local status quo is maintained.

Check the description:

"Nick Haines, Angie Ricono, Steve Kraske, Mary Sanchez and Cat Reid discuss KC boosting the reward incentive for homicide tips, anger over tax property appraisals in Jackson County, push for higher salaries for KCMO mayor and council, pushback on efforts to expand LGBTQ protections, role of Kansas and Missouri in 2020 election, sexual assault at Renaissance Fest & 25th anniversary for KC's casinos."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


  1. Angie must have been thinking.. what in the hell am I doing in this room with these spineless morons.

  2. Kraske "No role here"

    LOL right the city doesn't have any role in the mess.

    1. Ah, Professor Kraske, the brave opposer of Confederate statues, the loyal shoeshine boy of the local corruption class.

      And he looks ike Beaker from the Muppets.

  3. I think Angie is one of the best reporters in the KC area right now. Her reports are focused and spot on topics affecting a great number of people in the area.
    How about getting her to work on the water departments of the area to reduce prices for the rest of the year to encourage people to use more water. Lawns, car washes, hydration in the heat, slip and slides in the back yard etc? This could pump more water from the rivers and help by keeping the grass greener, you know plants produce oxygen so they reduce pollution and improve flood control.

  4. These opinions are important and highly influential!
    Great job!
    Other just as important topics they can do:

    1. Enjoying your pet bird.
    2. How to clean your license plate with min. water.
    3. Bridging your teeth- what’s not to like?
    4. Loving Maryville from a distance
    5. What it means to be a male or female

    Exciting times folks!

  5. And in the end nothing will get accomplished from this. Weird.

  6. ^^^^^ Somebody needs a hug!

  7. GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW FRANK WHITE'S NAME hardly gets mentioned in these reports about Jackson County. They keep referring to the "assessor." Gail what's her name is the appointed director of assessment, appointed by Frank White. Jackson County is the first place I've ever lived where the assessor wasn't elected and directly accountable to the voters.

  8. Kraske, you idiot, assessed value for property taxes and market value aren't the same thing. What's scary is that Frank White and his assessment director don't seem to know the difference. If they're assessing a house for $900,000 they are apparently saying it could be sold for well over a million dollars. Of course, as Angie reported that $900K house is probably worth less than $50,000.

  9. Byron Funkhouser6/29/19, 2:33 PM

    ^^Houses are worth exactly what someone will pay for them, no more & no less. There is no other objective way to determine the value. You can guess by looking at similar homes in the same neighborhood, but it's still only a guess, & there are many intangibles a person considers when buying a house. Also, what one person might be willing to pay & another person would be willing to pay may be vastly different.

    Anyone concerned with fairness knows that this last round should be trashed. You can't use algorithms; you must actually go to the house & look at the house & consider the neighborhood to get close to guessing what someone might be willing to pay.

    Of course, the real problem is that this is a very unfair way of obtaining tax revenue. As a nation, we should stop doing this, & allow local governments to levy a small progressive, income tax. When the elderly retire they won't be burdened with taxes, & won't be living in fear of losing their homes.

    As it is no one really owns their home, they are merely renting it from the local government who will seize it if they stop paying the rent.

  10. 1:51, both the revised market value of the property and its new assessed value are shown on the reassessment notice. Before you conclude that the revisions were way off, ask yourself if you would accept much less than the revised market value if you were to sell. I have a hunch that few of the complainers would take less than the value shown, and many would not even agree to the revised market value figure.

  11. Gail Beatty said the real estate market is good. Bidding Wars! Then why have we taken two houses off the market for lack of buyers, and the other has been on the market for almost a year with no offers.


  12. ^^^Asking price is too high. Any house will sell, at some price.

  13. Sorry I don't think a lot of these houses would sell for what the county says. I have no faith in Frank White or his team getting this right. They've got so much wrong already.

  14. Frank's argument is that the county has been screwing up assessments for years, but his team of incompetents and corrupt ass kissers have gotten it right? Without using MLS data. Yeah, no.

  15. Assessing property, collecting taxes, and distributing revenue are the most important responsibilities of county government.
    In fact, they're pretty much the ONLY responsibilities of county government.
    And Jackson County fails miserably.
    Once again.

  16. 6:24 - Do you think voters have learned their lesson and will pass on the next sports figure/celebrity and chose someone with government and organizational expertise? Nevermind, quick call 911, I think I just had a stroke.


    Kansan Nick Haines comes at tail-end of Buttigieg press conference!!!


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