Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Kansas City Mini-Golf At The Nelson-Atkins Museum Of Art: Ripoff???

It's a bit pricey but probably makes up for it by way of camp value and fodder for social media selfie garbage. Posted because THE TKC COMMENTS IS THE ONLY PLACE IN KANSAS CITY WHERE PEOPLE CAN BE HONEST ABOUT THIS KIND OF HYPE and maybe throw a bit of well-deserved salt that won't get you de-platformed like Steven Crowder who pretended to be an online tough guy but then started crying as soon as Youtube decided to get serious about ALLEGED bullying.


Art Course | Nelson Atkins

Art Course is the perfect place for a team builder, happy hour or any social gathering. Events are ideal for groups of 25-60 people, but larger groups can be accommodated. Event packages start at $45 per person and include food, beverage and other museum perks.


Anonymous said...

The Mini golf is pricy at $14 but it's fun and unique. Each hole has an art theme and is on the lawn in front of the museum.

Anonymous said...

Cheaper than Cool Crest, more expensive than Paradise Park. Don't have to drive out to the sticks to play, which is a plus.

Anonymous said...

At least it’s not an obnoxious and loud DJ party inside the galleries.

Anonymous said...

Mini golf? Seriously? They will have to have guards stationed at every hole to watch for ball theft. I don't even like to go in the gallery anymore because every move has to be scrutinized to prevent assholes from destroying things. It's the world we live in.