Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Kansas City Midweek Morning Roundup

Pop culture is pr0n, pr0n is pop culture. Other than Instagram tame Brazzers hype, here are a few examples of this truism:

BBC: Does porn still drive the internet?

Daily Dot: Don’t expect Pornhub to save Tumblr or sex workers

NPR: What We (Don't) Talk About When We Talk About Porn

Vice: Lobbyist Tied to Trump’s Transition Was Just Arrested on Child Porn Charges

Closer to home, these news links inspire the start to our day . . .

Kansas City Boozing Game Plan

Tap List | A Sneak Peek at Boulevardia's Taps & Tastes

The best way to attend a beer festival is with a brewer at your side. You get insight into the beer and an occasional look behind the taps. Taps & Tastes, a ticketed beer and food pairing session in the Hale Arena, is a bit like attending Boulevardia with Jeremy Danner next to you.

Meet Your Insurance Owners
Regulators and Regulated Converge in Kansas City | ThinkAdvisor
Check The Cowtown Street Fashion Game

MADE MOBB building streetwear experience, empire with new Crossroads store

MADE MOBB's growing footprint in Kansas City isn't because of luck, said Mark Launiu, as the streetwear apparel company plans to open its third retail location in July. "If I'm honest with you, this is hard. It's a lot of work to push the brand and reflect the culture," said Launiu, co-founder of MADE MOBB/MADE Urban Apparel and founder of the Kritiq.

Celebrate Disaster Pr0n Camera Dude

NewsChopper 9 cameraman at center of tornado coverage last Tuesday

Patrick Brown is one of the photographers of NewsChopper 9. He was at the center of tornado coverage during last Tuesday's storms.

Rock Chalk Community Reporting

These KU Students Are Helping Revive Journalism In Eudora, Kansas

For more than 100 years, Eudora had a weekly newspaper. "We were able to have a sports reporter, somebody that would come out when we had a structure fire and report on it," said Mayor Tim Reazin, who moved to Eudora in 1997. "We had somebody that sat through the city commission meetings with us."

Show-Me Rescue On The Way

More Guard Troops Activated As Flooding Concerns Grow

Governor J.B. Pritzker is calling in more reinforcements to help fight flooding. Last week, the governor activated 200 National Guard soldiers for the effort. On Tuesday in the town of Winchester, he announced 200 more are on the way. "We want to make sure we're fighting this everywhere we can.

Kansas City Steamy Forecast

Wednesday will be warm with chance for storms in the afternoon

A few thunderstorms will pop up well east of the metro. Tuesday evening will be humid. The low will drop to about 68 degrees. We'll see another chance for some...

City Girls - Act Up is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Smiling Jack said...

The NPR article, surprisingly, does make some good points about Porn.
Far too many of us confuse Pornography with Reality, just as we do with TV, Movies and Politics.

Anonymous said...


Despite waking up on the thong side of the bed, Dominique was determined to fill the void inside of herself!!!

Anonymous said...

@9:08 speak for yourself. Have you done some research on the subject? If so, cite it or shut it. Bitch please. Don't use "us" when you mean YOU!

Smiling Jack said...

No, @9:26, but I do know that Ms. Galloway is highly respected in both Parties in Missouri, you ranting asswipe, I do know what background and experience she has, and I also know that the joke the Republican Party ran against her had no qualifying credentials for the Office and had not lived in this State long enough to meet the Constitutional requirements for the Office.

Now, you sniveling little coward, bite me, BITCH!
You made an allegation with no facts, no evidence, and nothing to support your slander! So once again, you Whiny Little Bitch, BITE ME!

Now get back to your job in the LGBTQ Circus,
as Alphonse, The Gutless Wonder!

Anonymous said...

^^^excuse me, does anybody here speak full-on retard? I can't make heads or tails of this. Thanks.

Put that quarter away! All you've been doing for several hours is sitting there flipping it and scratching your head! said...

^^Buttboi, you've been told here, many times, and you know already, you have assbugger syndrome. Those three dominant traits of being easily angered, suffering frequent attention deficit, and giving hyper focus to a single activity or topic at the exclusion of all others, renders you as a special kind of retard.