Friday, June 28, 2019

Kansas City Midday Link Pool

Tessa quit the hottie Instagram game but her body of work lives on in the hearts of her fans.

This inspires a quick pop culture consideration:

Yahoo: Daisy Ridley has cut off social media 'like a Skywalker limb' after trolling made her quit

PopMattes: Is Social Media Facing Its Biggest Existential Threat?

NYPost: Gen Zers struggle to save their sanity with social media breaks

Closer to home, these news links inspire us right now . . .

River Market Crowding Cont'd

Developers announces plans for offices in River Market

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A developer who has transformed a three-block section in Kansas City, Missouri's, River Market neighborhood announced plans to build a five-story, $25 million office building as his next project. This week, Craig Slawson with Epoch Developments unveiled renderings for the building which will replace a parking lot at the intersection of 3 rd and Delaware streets.

Jazz Man Endures

Though He Died In 2006, Kansas City Jazz Great Jay McShann Is Live Again On A New Record

At 74 years old, Kansas City pianist Jay McShann was still performing the joyous music that had entertained audiences around the world for decades. One of those concerts was in Tokyo, Japan, in 1990, where a woman named Yoko Takemura was in the audience.

Suburban Resolution

Seg. 1: Lee's Summit Superintendent | Seg. 2: African Proverbs

Segment 1: Now that controversial diversity training has been approved, embattled superintendent is "just ready to move forward on behalf of young people." When Lee's Summit R-7 District Superintendent Dennis Carpenter proposed diversity training for the staff, he received backlash from some in the community and among employees.

Kansas City Dude For Prez

Drew Rogers launches 2020 bid for HD 25, promises to be voice for 'progress' - The Missouri Times

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City attorney has thrown his hat in the race to represent his community in the Missouri House, promising to be "a new voice for progress." Drew Rogers, a Democrat, has announced his candidacy to be the state representative for HD 25.

Lost & Found Pussy

Cat missing for almost 3 years returns to Kansas family

"I instantly started crying," Jezik told the Star, describing her reaction when an animal control officer sent her pictures of Meow. "Hyperventilating and trying to tell my son the good news, we immediately left and went and got her."

Chiefs Comeback???

With a likely NFL suspension looming, Chiefs ready to...

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A large hill greets the Kansas City Chiefs before each of their practices during training camp. The players, in pads for the first time in the season, walk down the hill toward the practice fields and are welcomed by fans.

Summer Sizzle Forecast

FORECAST: Kansas City to stay dry for next several days

By the time Kansas City sees some rain, we might actually need it.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

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Anonymous said...

I'm an old white man. Used to go on Troost and listen to the great Jay McShan often. Troost used be fun and not dangerous if one used their head. The Inferno, Horseshoe Lounge and many more venues. Sad. Would not venture there today.