Kansas City Mayor Sly Rebukes Quinton Lucas: Newsies Attempt To Explain Why

Here's our blog community captivating headline that's just a bit more fun than cowtown politics . . .


A quick story to explain . . .

Lil' TKC was taught this life lesson as a youngster and the tale was given a Mexican spin but the story remains the same:

A man was walking along the beach and noticed another man casting his fishing line over the end of a pier. As the first man drew closer to the fisherman, he saw that the bait bucket had no lid, and to his surprise, it was full of sea crabs crawling on top of each other. Knowing the crabs could certainly escape, the man wondered why there was no lid. He asked the fisherman, “Why isn’t your bait bucket covered so the crabs won’t escape?”

The fisherman explained, “You need to understand that if there’s a single crab in that bucket, yes, it could certainly escape. However, since there are so many if one tries to crawl out, the others grab onto it, making sure it can’t escape so it will meet the same fate as the rest of them.”

The moral of the story can relate to ethnic rivalry or just plain old political jealousy but it basically understand an essential truth: We don't want people like us doing better than us.

And all this is prelude to a much more wonky explanation that's less likely to be correct . . .

Pitch: How do Sly James and Quinton Lucas really feel about each other?


"But James’ comments, particularly since the primary, indicate not just support for Justus but some hostility toward Lucas. The mayor could not be reached for further discussion about Lucas, but two factors are likely in play.

First, Lucas has proven to be perhaps more independent than James might have expected or appreciated . . .

The problem is, Lucas often positioned his ideas as alternatives to initiatives that James was already rolling with. To say the mayor did not appreciate the input is something of an understatement.

There’s also this: James is fiercely loyal to his friends, sometimes to the point of unreasonableness. The three incoming council members he was slowest to warm up to in 2015 — Teresa Loar, Katheryn Shields, and Heather Hall — all defeated candidates that James liked and worked well with. He may simply be angry at Lucas for having the temerity to take on Justus in the general election."

You decide . . .


  1. Pecking order theory actually offers a more scientific and proven explanation.

    Or maybe Sly is just jealous of somebody smarter.

    1. Yes, he may be smarter than Sly James but not as experienced politically. He's definiately a one termer and already isn't as well liked as the former mayor was at his peak.

  2. Kansas City is ran by the city manager and since Lucas has said publicly that he intends to keep the current city manager, nothing will change.

  3. The Mayor cadidate debate tonight on KMBC - (AKA CNN) Was more than a joke! But since Kansas City is over filled with Demon-Crats, this is what they get. It doesnt matter who wins as Mayor, who ever wins, as a citizen you have already LOST! You have Jolie Justice, who is the angry woman lesbian (nothing good comes from a angry woman) Carpet munching on her own time aside, she lost this debate, she was angry, she was nervious, and appeared to project her persona as a Walmart employee, sad for the city without a doubt. Now you have Quinton a black dude that has excessive forhead sweat. He had the stage though because even though he is just as much full of shit as carpet muncher Jolie is, at least he showed some restraint! I thought I saw some Obama in him minus the mickey mouse ears! Either way Kansas City is FUCKED because one of these 2 douchebags will be your next disaster as mayor - good luck KCMO, I bet your fire Union had a huge part in getting both of these douchebags to where they are today and once either one is elected and they fuck the city up even more, you should thank the fire union for selling you the bullshit via propaganda that got these two mother fuckers in a position to be your next Mayor - there is a true reason I moved out of the city limits and its because the voters in KCMO are some of the dumbest motherfuckers on the planet!

  4. I think Sly doesn’t like Quinton because Quinton is a homosexual. Plus, he is probably fearful that Quinton might expose Sly’s corrupt criminal actions while he was mayor.

    1. Hmmmmm.....if Slie had a gay son.....oh, oops.....next.....

  5. Oh shit they are both gay?

  6. Me thinks sLIE protests too much. Hey big guy, are you worried that your rubber stamp JJ will lose? And yes she will.

  7. 10:23, both Lucas and Justus have said they'll keep the City Manager. But has anyone asked the City Manager if he is going to stay? Word from City employees is that he's leaving for sure if Lucas wins and is halfway out the door is Justus wins. Lucas can't stand the Manager and the feeling is said to be mutual. And it takes seven votes to keep the manager if he decides he even wants to stay, and neither Quinton nor Jolie are good at building consensus or vote counting. Smart money says Troy is gone before his contract expires early next year.

  8. ^^^^ Troy needs to get lost.

  9. At the heart of it, yes, Sly is just jealous. His political career is over.

  10. ^^^ +10000

    Thank Heaven.

  11. More desperation for a Justus win from Sly.
    Justus knows where all the ticking financial time bombs that Sly is leaving are and the deal is to bury them if she gets elected.
    Which again shows Justus' very sketchy acquaintance with the truth, honesty, and integrity.
    Remember the secret $1.5 billion meeting.
    Anyone with any sense would want all the bad surprises that are coming to be exposed BEFORE they get elected.
    Learn the Jason Pander lesson.
    Whoever "wins" this mayoral election is likely not to be remembered fondly by KCMO residents.

  12. I read the story - if Quinton gave Sly crabs, what the hell do you expect?

  13. Traffic light followed by fire hydrant6/12/19, 6:51 AM

    Slie has his shorts in a knot and desperately wants JoLie to win because JoLie will be his puppet. Slie will be able to make the calls with JoLie in but he cannot manipulate Lucas.


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