Kansas City Likely To Approve Developer MILLIONS For Nothing Later Today

We've talked about this reality check after the election and now here's a roundup and sign that the status quo remains the same until the market decides otherwise. Take a look:

Developers Want Kansas City To Kick In $63 Million For A New Office Tower Without Tenants

A new office tower and parking garage may be on the way to the Power & Light District after the Kansas City Council's Finance and Governance Committee passed a development financing agreement. The tower would be built on the southwest corner of 13th and Main, above current retailers like Yard House.


  1. Sly James Shit Hole City6/27/19, 1:51 PM

    Pushing grandma over the cliff for her tax dollars

  2. The momentum! It's the momentum!

  3. Laughing all the way to the bank.

  4. I'm fine with this. At least it's for a building and not 150 million+ for a streetcar to nowhere.

  5. Byron Funkhouser6/27/19, 2:18 PM

    Don't these people read the news?

    Tone deaf, yet again.

  6. Kansas City The New Shit Hole6/27/19, 2:23 PM

    “Jobs are being lost in Kansas City, opportunities are passing us by because we don’t physically have the space created,” developer Jon Copaken said during Wednesday’s committee meeting.


  7. Damn I should have become a developer. I'd be sitting on a super yacht right now.

  8. Detroit 2.0

    KCMO is making the exact same mistakes Detroit made decades ago.

    But hey we're catching up with our peers!

  9. ^^and yet we're not at all. Weird.

  10. ^^^^ You're not as clever as you think Wildman. Weird.

  11. Just so NO to more corporate welfare.

  12. It just never ceases. Voters deserve this shit. Too lazy or stupid to take time and a little effort to examine issues before marking their ballots.

    Had a chance to try to cap TIFs last week, but listened to a few lying TV ads telling them the sky would fall if they voted the cap, and here's another example getting shoved right up their ass.

    Same with the 20 year extension of the E-tax 2 years ago. Mainstream media won't help 'cause they're too afraid to lose access to the lying legislators.

    And now folks are bawling about prop tax increases, because worthless schools are clamoring for money that's been sidelined to developers. Too fucking bad.

  13. Thank Cleave for his party voting to keep the FDA jobs in DC. So much winning helping vibrant KCMO's momentum.

  14. Buying all this momentum is really putting a damper on my paycheck, man we are so bad ass that we have to pay people to come here! Now that is moving forward with amazing momentum! Hahahahaha!


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