Kansas City June Election Week In Review

Local newsies share hot takes, spin their narrative and backtrack on predictions whilst offering a small peek at the political scene beyond the KCMO bubble . . .

Also, notice that they mostly skip over property tax trouble that's on the mind of most residents.

Check the description:

"Nick Haines, Colleen Nelson, Dave Helling, Eric Wesson and Micheal Mahoney discuss the first priorities for Quinton Lucas as Kansas City's new mayor, the biggest winners and losers in Tuesday's election, USDA moving jobs to KC, MO's abortion law and battle with Planned Parenthood, KS school funding decision, protests over security measures at Jackson County jail, news about area museums and more."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


  1. Seems like Mahoney was the most informed on the show with turnout numbers and quotes from the candidates.

    Overall the election results were good. Would have been much worse if Jolie won.

  2. Martini crowd in the good seats watching humanity struggle from afar6/22/19, 9:13 AM

    'Also, notice that they mostly skip over property tax trouble that's on the mind of most residents'

    Most of the viewers of this show enjoy have 25 year tax abatement's or had the value of their homes (tax burden) reduced to $49K behind the scenes.

  3. Kansas City wasn't ready for an openly gay mayor. Right out of the gate Wesson nailed it. Jolie was a horrible candidate.

  4. Affordable housing is b.s. is absolutely correct.

  5. Byron Funkhouser6/22/19, 10:58 AM

    ^^Are you going to support raising the minimum wage?

  6. Dennis Funkhouser6/22/19, 11:30 AM

    ^^^^^^Why do you care Byron you have never wanted to work a day in your life. That was why the ole man was always knocking the crap out of you.

  7. The Kansas City Falling Star Week In Review

    Alarms go off at Jackson County Courthouse as Boob Forte is detected.

  8. The KC Stack Hamburger, why Britain deserves Brexit. Highlight of the show!

  9. Speaking of Forte the BOOB

    Police protection for LS Superintendent Carpenter? WTF?

    Here's truthfully what happened:

    A Carpenter "equity" supporter told the superintendent that they had heard from a friend, a rumor from someone else, that the Italian mob in LS had made a threat against him.

    Think about that for a minute. Black people perpetuating a stereotype about Italian-Americans, while simultaneously claiming that LS schools are racist against minorities.

    LS Police investigated the alleged threat, interviewed everyone involved, and determined there was no basis for a credible threat. It was 3rd-hand misinformation, rumors, and fear-mongering. That didn't deter Dr. Carpenter from using the media publicity to hijack votes for his make-believe "equity" program.

    Sheriff Forte (The Boob) jumped on the bandwagon and essentially accused the LS Police Department of being part of a racist conspiracy. Unhappy with the thorough investigation by LS Police, Forte assigned Jackson County Sheriff deputies to protect the Carpenter home.

    Dr. Carpenter NEVER should have been hired to lead LS R-7.
    He doesn't have the experience, nor competency, to lead this district.
    His divisive actions and the resulting disruptions are the proof.
    He's divided the community, temporarily ruined the reputation of LS R-7, is named in a district racial discrimination lawsuit, sent teacher/student morale to an all-time low, brought in under-performing administrators from the failed Hickman Mills school district, is wasting precious time and money on an "equity" agenda that has it's genesis in misunderstood achievement data, redrew school boundaries angering the community, seeks to fire senior teachers and administrators based upon race and replace them with younger minority applicants, has tacitly accused the school board members of being racist and in need of a re-education camp from St. Louis consultants who proudly call themselves Social Justice Warriors while opining on Trayvon Martin/Michael Brown/White Institutional Racism/etc.

    At the last school board meeting, only ONE member had the guts and intelligence to vote NO on spending $97,000 to go to racial re-education camp. She's a very smart woman with a finance background who hates to see taxpayer money wasted, and knows in her heart that LS is not a racist community.

    The board should move NOW to fire Dr. Carpenter with cause. It's only going to get worse, the longer they wait.

  10. You're nobody unless you have received a death threat, defined loosely to include pretty much any expression of dissatisfaction. Carpenter would lose face in the LS black community unless he claims to have received several.

  11. Eric Wesson always has a knack for calling a spade a spade.


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