Kansas City Hopes New Mayor Will Have Better Ideas For Fighting Increase In Crime

Will have more insight on this one but for now here's an MSM delve into the situation. Checkit:

KC mayoral candidates talk about how to combat crime

Jolie Justus and Quinton Lucas talk about how they would like combat crime in Kansas City.


  1. community policing and trust building
    blah blah blah

  2. The two nominated clowns will do less about crime than James did.

  3. KCMO can hope in one hand, shit in the other and see which one gets full first. That will be the answer on how to combat crime.

  4. Neither of these losers have done a thing about crime during their tenures on the council and haven't even had the guts to honestly define the problem.
    Hint: It's not lack of "gun control" by the Missouri legislature.
    Homicides are likely to continue at the rate of around 11 every month and occasionally hit 150+ in really bad years.
    The comical hype, empty promises, taxpayer-funded glitz, insider deals, outright lying, and debt accumulation will continue.
    That what passes for "leadership" in KCMO.
    It never changes.


  5. Not going to happen KC you don't have a candidate for mayor. Watch crime increase taxes too. Two people who are not qualified or professional enough to run a Quick Trip.

  6. Put criminals in prison for a long time.

  7. Right. That's what the last Mayor said..... LOL!

  8. If they worked together to battle local government corruption, then the battle on crime would stand a better chance! Oh wait they are the candidates for the new wave of government corruption, so the fight on crime in KC stands no chance! Maybe next time or probabley maybe NEVER!


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