Kansas City Hipster Restaurant Salad Slathered In Dressing: Healthy???

Also, a chicken salad in this town usually includes at least half a flock of poultry that's so densely packed with bird meat that customers might grow a feather after finishing their meal.

As we desperately attempt to punch up our bad food choices, here's the illusion of locals eating healthy by way of a bowl that has a few greens but also as many calories as a bag of Doritos.

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Food Critics: The Best Salads In Kansas City In 2019

Salads might be simple ingredients prepared simply, but they can be so much more than that. A salad must have more vegetables than grains, but from there the ingredient possibilities are endless. That includes meat, especially in Kansas City. "We are a meat and potatoes town to begin with," says Jenny Vergara of Feast Magazine.