Kansas City Hipster Hot Take On Hamilton

A preview for those who have only a cursory understanding of hip-hop, American history and how Broadway musicals are mostly low-rent shadows of their former glory by the time they get to Kansas City. Take a look:

A layman's review of Hamilton in Kansas City

Joan Marcus Before walking over to the Music Hall on Wednesday night, I wrote down everything I knew, or thought, or had heard about Hamilton, which opened in Kansas City on June 18 and runs through July 7. I tried pretty hard, and this is what I came up with.


  1. The Hipsterocracy, drunk on craft beer6/24/19, 10:17 AM

    After three or four stiff drinks even a lousy production seems great.

  2. ^^like you would EVAR. Broke-as-shit bumpkin. You prefer the Bald-Knobbers for God's sake!

  3. Isn't "Hamilton" cultural appropriation?

  4. Not A Black Man Portraying Alexander Hamilton6/24/19, 10:47 AM


  5. Everything niggers do and say is "Cultural Appropriation", @10:45!
    Here, and in Africa, they have no culture beyond mud huts and wooden spears, only the scraps they have borrowed or stolen from the Civilized People they have come into contact with.

    But the parts of Civilization that make it a benefit to mankind seem to be something they just can't get their wooly heads around.

  6. Byron Funkhouser6/24/19, 11:25 AM

    ^^Idiot & asshole.

    PBS ran a series on the great civilizations of Africa, & explained the real reason that you don't know about them.

    It's because of your insecurities, & guilt of slavery.

  7. That wasn't PBS, Idiot, it was a Movie called "Black Panther".!

    Sub-Saharan Africa (in other words, not the Mediterranean Coast) had ONE "Civilization" - Zimbabwe, that was totally based on borrowings from Arab Traders who came there to buy slaves.

  8. ^^^How come you have no friends???

  9. ^^^ how come you have no life?

  10. Don't believe PBS. When it comes to being objective, that means they don't believe in any truth. That means that all victories must have been accomplished by the unfair advantages fate or God bestowed on the victors. Ever seen a pack of Sodomites or Gypsys maintain power relative to the decency they overtook ? Only the Babylonions lasted to any degree, then judgement fell on them as well. Where are they now ? Irrelevant for over 3000 yrs. Keep ignoring real history- believe in no judgement, and thou will be judged especially harsh.

  11. Hamilton is racist!


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