TKC believes that SERGIO would make the best new leader for the embattled facility or at least provide more entertainment than all of the dusty, old icons of the long-gone jazz age.

However, after more $100-MILLION down the tubes at 18th & Vine since 1990 and millions more soon to be wasted there's still a naive hope that the district can make a comeback by way of an art form that has failed to resonate with local audiences. Here's what looks like a pricey nationwide job search found by the best and brightest readers from our blog community . . .


Non-Profit Connect: Executive Director, American Jazz Museum

Job Description:

"The American Museum of Jazz is seeking a skilled, dynamic, and dedicated professional to become its next Executive Director (”ED”). The ED will work to develop and execute a robust fundraising plan, set organizational priorities, and articulate the Museum’s vision going forward, translating its mission into outcomes that provide financial health and independence, and positive impact.

"The ED must be a sophisticated relationship-builder who is able to work effectively with a wide variety of internal and external stakeholders, including private and public funders, and local elected officials. A leader who can bring about real change, the ED will concentrate on marketing and communications, keeping the collections up to date and relevant, and be a partner to the Board and the community to develop the Museum as a must-see destination. This person will ideally have experience in the arts, performing arts, music and/or management of museums and cultural institutions, and must demonstrate significant accomplishments and past successes. In addition, he or she must be an accomplished fundraiser, a hand-on manager, a strategic thinker and planner, a problem solver and be able to respond to crises quickly and effectively. Leadership capacity and effective management will be key qualifications for this position."

Job Type: Full Time

Salary Range: $100,000 and over

More info for those who want to apply.

Developing . . .


  1. You heard it here 1st6/22/19, 11:53 AM

    Jermaine's next job!

    1. $100,000 to solicit handouts. This must be one of the worst deals KCMO has ever committed to paper. But we still keep throwing money down the drain when it could be used to create affordable housing or at least provide some kind of return that's more useful to locals than a museum that nobody visits. This is the biggest waste in KC and it needs to stop NOW.

  2. KC Taxpayer & Voter6/22/19, 11:56 AM

    ^^^ +100

  3. I visited it when in school 11:55. So yes there are people besides you who go visit there. Now rather or not they will find someone who wants to live in this shithole of a town for 100K is another story.

  4. It should be a much bigger deal but hasn't been run right. Really do hope they can FINALLY make a turnaround.

  5. I have visited the museum too, and found it interesting. But the top job for such a small and simple museum is not worth six figures.

    Still, I'd apply if the position comes with an Escalade.

  6. 11:53 —> what about sly James?? He probably thought by the time his mayoral tenure ran out that cleavers congress seat would be getting close to being available but now we see that cleaver will die before giving up his seat in Congress. Seriously is there a less effective Congressman than cleaver? Fabulous suit and moustache though ...



  7. Democrats be scammin' the taxpayers

  8. Make it a jazz AND KC BBQ museum combo. Might help.

  9. Maybe Cheptoo has a recommendation.

  10. What? No mention of the Escalade?

  11. ^^^^ Damn good call!

    this waste of space will never make a dime and all of the donations are just money down the drain, you'd be better off buying rims because at least the city could sell those!

  12. Charlie Parker6/22/19, 2:02 PM

    Jazz is not as good as twerking, I can tell you from experience!

  13. The museum needs to be moved to a safe area of town. Then it might have a chance to be profitable. Sometimes the truth hurts.

  14. One of the most important qualifications is that the applicant has to have extensive and demonstrated experience in making money disappear into thin air in such a way that the end recipient is in no way traceable.
    Actually there are quite a few jobs in the public sector in KCMO with this requirement, but this has the highest visibility.
    Sign on the dotted line and there'll be tens of millions more coming your way.
    It never changes.

  15. Jazz is for drug addicted gay and lesbian dyxlexic folk. Normal people fo not like jazz.

  16. Jazz fans are not the type of people that visit museums.


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